Reverse Readathon

Let’s Play Readathon Bingo

The goal, obviously, is to get a bingo. But for those who really love a challenge, the ultimate goal is to get a blackout. This is all for fun and bragging rights, as there are no prizes. This year, we are so excited to bring Dewey Bingo to the whole Readathon community. You can use the above photo or find the PDF on Google Drive.

There are just a couple of rules:

  1. For a book to count for a square, you must have read a minimum of 50 pages. You are NOT required to finish a book before marking a bingo square complete.
  2. You may fit your book into as many squares as you can. So say you read 250 pages of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo while it was dark. You started reading on your couch, then read some more in the kitchen while fixing a snack, and then you wrapped it up in bed in your pjs. You will have completed MANY bingo squares by doing this. 1 – Read while its Dark Outside, 2 – Read 200 pages, 3 – Read in 3 different locations, 4 – title contains a D, 5 – Snack and Read, 6 – Read a book with Traveling, 7 – Read in your PJs, etc. There could be more depending on if this is a genre out of your comfort zone or what you made your personal challenge or if this takes place in winter (I can’t remember but I think so). Therefore, while it might seem overwhelming, it really isn’t as hard to get a blackout if you do some planning ahead.

The Bingo board has been posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads and you can participate in any or all of the platforms. You can also let us know about completed Bingos or Blackouts here. Good luck to all and “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!’


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