So this is what hour 15 looks like? During the regular Readathon hours I am always asleep by this point. Instead I have glorious sunshine and plenty more hours in the day. This is Ellie reporting for co-host duty!

Which fictional characters do you think would love Readathon? It’s totally Belle’s cup of tea, so I asked her for a few tips.

Make sure your TBR is well stocked:

Stay active:

Get a reading buddy!

Stay hydrated:

Try reading your book from a different angle:

Take your book everywhere:

And when it all gets too much, take a nap:

It’s also time for my mini-challenge, so do head on over to Curiosity Killed the Bookworm to take part. You can also find me on Twitter @patchworkbunny.

New Mini-Challenge:

Draw It Out – by Ellie

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