Hello again, friends! This is Kate and I am back for another hour 🙂 So far I’ve managed to finish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I’ve read 50ish pages from The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I have completed three BINGOs (which I’m super stoked about). I’m about to change books so that I can get a few more squares and hopeful get a BINGO BLACKOUT! How are you doing on your bingo boards?

Back when I was in college, I had to have music on while I studied. Without it, my mind would wander and I would get distracted and wouldn’t be able to focus on the reading material. However, I was really picky about what kind of music I needed to have on. I needed it to be music with no words, but not classical music. Maybe like elevator music? I had a favorite Pandora Station that I would always put on. It was the Yiruma station. I just checked and it’s still there, so you should check it out. Just really peaceful piano music. My absolute favorite song by him was The River Flows In You. I would play this on repeat on the ipad and it just made all the reading and focusing so much better.

Now that I am out of college and no longer studying, I find that I am the complete opposite. I need absolute silence to be able to read and take in what I am reading. It has been years since I have listened to anything by Yiruma or put on the Pandora station.

What side of this do you fall on? Do you like to have music on while you’re reading or do you find it a distraction that takes you out of the world that is your book? Let me know in the comments below.

I can’t believe we only have 6 hours left! The time sure does fly when you’re enjoying a good book.

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8 thoughts on “Hour 19 – Do You Do Music?

  1. I am very extremely distracted by pretty much everything while reading. I need total silence! Maybe some instrumental music? I’ve never tried. But maybe something to consider!


  2. I HAVE to have music when reading except for audibooks (obviously.) The music depends on the mood. I can go from Linkin Park to Backstreet Boys to Classical. I need it or I cannot focus on the reading.


  3. I like classical piano covers of popular music, familiar enough to be interesting but calm enough to not distract me.


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