Hour 24 Reading Sprint and Survey

You’ve made it to the last hour-long sprint of our readathon for April 2023. Congratulations. Choose the book you wish to enjoy for your last hour of this event, drink some water, have a snack, and let’s see if we can close out this reading event with one last hour of solid reading.

On your marks!!! Get Set!!! Go!!!

Closing Survey

  1. How many books did you read during this readathon? Did you have any favorites?
  2. How many books did you finish?
  3. Did you accomplish your goals for this readathon?
  4. How did your snacks and meals work out? Are there things you would change about the food and beverages side of your readathon for next time?
  5. Did you enjoy this readathon? What was the most successful part of your readathon? What would you change for next time?
  6. What Dewey’s social media sites did you visit during this readathon? What activities did you participate in? Do you plan to complete those activities over the remainder of the weekend?

Thanks to everyone for helping make this a successful readathon. We’ll be working out our dates for the rest of this year’s readathons soon, so watch for that information by the end of May at the latest.

Happy reading, everyone!

  • Jamie Barringer, Dewey’s Readathon host/ lead admin


Hour 16 Reading Sprint

The harder part of this readathon has set in for many of us, and we are starting to feel the ‘burn’, that pressing need to take a nap, or do dishes, or watch a movie. Here’s a great chance to regroup. Grab your book and your beverage and let’s rock out a good, solid hour long reading sprint.

On your marks!!! Get Set!!! Go!!!!!!!


Hour 12 Reading Sprint & Survey

This hour marks the halfway point in our readathon. We have our 4th scheduled hour-long reading sprint during this hour. Are you joining in this one? What are you reading?

Half-Point Progress Report

  1. How many books have you been reading? Have you finished any? Are you on track with respect to your readathon goals so far?
  2. Have you eaten real food today? (Not just junk food, ACTUAL HEALTHY FOOD) What was your favorite food or beverage so far?
  3. Have you been participating in any of the activities on our social media (sprints, photo challenges, discussion questions, BINGO, etc.)
  4. Are you growing sleepy? Do you plan to nap, or stop early, or are you extending the readathon hours to include sleep?
  5. Have you been outside yet today? Have you had much exercise (besides the heavy lifting required to hold your book)?
  6. How is your readathon going, overall?

Hour 8 Reading Sprint

If you have not had real food yet (not junk food, not snacks- actual meal-like food). you may wish to prepare your meal before you dive into this next scheduled reading sprint. If the weather is nice, pop your head outside, breathe in smoe fresh air, drink some water, and then grab your book of choice for our 3rd scheduled reading sprint, starting at the top of Hour 8.

Ready? On the marks….. Get set …………………. Go!!!!!!!!


Hour 4: Reading Sprint!

How is your readathon going? We have been reading for several hours now, and if you have not taken a break yet, you really should get up and do some exercises, drink some water, eat something, pet the reading buddies, etc. Then grab your book for our second scheduled reading sprint. We start at the top of the hour, and the sprint officially ends at the end of Hour 4.

On your Marks!!! Get Set!!!! Go!!!!!!!!!


Hour 1: Opening Survey and Sprint

The readathon starts in 1 hour with a sprint! Are you ready!!??! Devices charged? Books handily near by? Cozy reading spot tidied and prepped? SNACKS??? (Healthy breakfast???)

While you’re getting in position, feel free to answer a few questions so we can get to know you! You can post your answers in the comments or share your link here or in the comments and post your answers on your preferred social media site.

Opening Event Survey:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
5) What are your goals for this readathon?


April 2023 Dewey’s Readathon- Sprints

One of the traditions we have maintained in this readathon is our hour-long scheduled reading sprints. Our scheduled reading sprints occur at

Hour 1

Hour 4

Hour 8

Hour 12

Hour 16

Hour 20

Hour 24

We have threads posted in Goodreads for these as they happen, and we try to post them on facebook and twitter and tumblr (and ideally on discord too). You decide how much of the hour you will try to use for reading, and whether you will choose specific books for these. I enjoy picking a few shorter books specifically for these, and often finish one or more of them during the sprints because my focus is better. I also have been known to play an audiobook while crocheting for the hour, pointedly not doing much social media during the sprint (not always possible as an admin, but sometimes this works out).

In addition to these, folks often post extra sprints on whatever social media they are using. These may be hour-long or shorter. Sprints are great for exercising your ability to focus on reading, and over time you may find that they get easier and make non-sprint reading easier as well. If you are looking for ways to get back into reading more, or want to increase your reading quality, these are a great option. Also, after a sprint, if you have been sitting still, be sure to get up and stretch, drink some water, and do some basic self-care before getting back to the books.


April 2023 Dewey’s Readathon- Sites

Our first readathon of 2023 is here. Are you reading for this one?

Our sites this year include

WordPress: This blog here is our wordpress site. Expect less frequent posts here. Mostly at the moment this site is where we post broadly useful information. We used to do hourly posts here, but the amount of traffic on here is much lower than it used to be, as other newer social media sites have popped up. I still like the old-fashioned blog website format, so we are definitely maintaining this site, and for stuff like dates and all our various projects, activities and sites, this is a good starting hub.

Twitter: For fast, easy interactions this is a great site, and we are still posting on our twitter account. We had a slow start getting this part of our Dewey’s postings spun up this season, but it is going to be an active Dewey’s media account this weekend.

Facebook: This is one of our most active sites over the past few years, along with Goodreads, so we will definitely be posting regularly on facebook this weekend. Julie, one of our amazing admins, posted a couple BINGO boards on facebook for this readathon. Many participants like to post their responses to the quarterly progress questionaires on our facebook, and we love to see your TBR and reading buddies on there.

Goodreads: This is one of our primary sites, and even when we have minimal activities on our other sites, we always have readathon-day discussion questions, reading sprint threads, various reading challenges, and places to talk about your books, snacks, reading buddies, strategies, etc. This is where most of our pre-readathon and between-readathon activities are hosted.

Instagram: We do photo challenges on this site, and we love to see photo updates from our participants on instagram.

Tumblr: In the earlier days of Dewey’s this was one of thepretty active Dewey’s platforms. (This is the site I was using when I first started participating in Dewey’s, I think). We have a photo challenge on here and also post the sprints and quarterly update questions on this site.

Discord: This is our newest site, which we added during the uncertainty surrounding Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. This is of course a hugely versatile site, and we will be making better use of it in future readathons. This first event we will be a bit more exploratory and experimental on our nifty new discord server as we get an idea of how me can use its many cool features.


April 2023 Reading Relay

For the week leading into our readathon we’ll be doing a series of 2 day ‘sprints’ For each one, pick your TBR and see how many books/pages/hours you can finish. These sprints would be a great way to revisit previous TBRs, or to focus on those stubbornly slow books you’d love to have finished by the readathon.

Relay Sprint 1 – April 22-23

Relay Sprint 2 – April 24-25

Relay Sprint 3 – April 26-27

Relay Sprint 4 – April 28

April 29 is our Readathon, starting at 8am Eastern Time.

What are you reading for this week?