Start Times

The October 23, 2021 Readathon will begin 8AM Eastern Daylight Time. You can find this time in your time zone down below.

We start reading at the same time all over the world, so CLICK HERE to find your start time.

8 thoughts on “Start Times”

  1. I read whenever I get a spare moment, but at 67 running Bookmooch Journal site, a smallholding with lots of animal work and a little ‘cello teaching means I can never devote a straight 24 hours to reading! I do remember Dewey whenever I encounter one of her journals, and wish I had a contact address to thank the relative who sent back journals Dewey had at the time of her death, this year when he/she found an email from me!

    Also see
    for your times! I use it constantly when arranging contacts between shelf-holders & assistants in Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Australia, Israel, Germany and the U.K. It is invaluable!


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