First things first. Preliminary freak out!!! I’m a co-host for my absolutely favorite event in the world!!!! YAYYYY!!!

My name is Steph and I’ve been participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon for just over a decade now. I’m thrilled to be co-hosting today. You can find me over on Instagram (@frontyardharvest: which is where I’ll reveal the Bad Books mini-challenge answers and a winner at the end of Hour 24—in my stories), on Twitter (@seestephrunmtl), or on Goodreads. 

How’s your reading going? We’re creeping towards the final few hours and I’m ultra-pumped to head closer to the finish line with all of you. 

It’s dinner time in my neck of the woods (Eastern time zone) and I’ll be munching on my traditional readathon meal of pizza. In the past, I’ve enjoyed frozen, delivery, and homemade pies, and tonight I’ve ordered in to ensure I’m fully focused on my co-hosting duties. 

I’m taking this incredibly seriously! Pizza, though, I’m a little more lax about. I am the opposite of a pizza snob. It’s one of my favorite foods and, IMHO, even bad pizza is pretty delicious. Unless it has corn and broccoli on it. What a travesty!

So let’s talk pizza. Do you also enjoy a pizza pie during the readathon? Tell me about your favorite toppings. Mine is mushrooms…and then a whole lot more mushrooms.

What about book-related pizza happenings? Any memorable pizza scenes you can think of? Yes, there’s a Goodreads list for that…

Finally, if you could share a pizza with any fictional character, who would it be? I think I’d love to chow down with the Everworld crew. David, Christopher, April, Jalil, and Senna. 

I’m off to grab a slice, read a few more pages of my book (The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires) and cheer on all of you rad readers. 

You’ve made it this far! You got this! 

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2 thoughts on “Hour 21 – Let’s Talk About Pizza

  1. I will take all the veggies on pizza. My favorite is green pepper and onion. But I am not afraid to put broccoli on pizza. 😀 Or making it from cauliflower (frozen pizza)! I’ve actually never had pizza during a ‘thon. I try to focus on healthier options because the rest of life is so chaotic. lol. But I did just mow (mow like owww, not mow like mow the lawn) down a handful of peanut M&Ms and Skittles (not in the same handful) during the last hour for a bit of a sugar rush. lol. This is why I need a healthy supper! haha


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