Welcome to hour 11! I’m Katherine and I’ll be your host for the hour. 

Yes, you made it this far. How were your first 10 hours of the Readathon? Exciting? Thought-provoking? What has your favourite book been so far and why?

If you find yourself struggling at this point, I have some tips to help you keep going:

Decide why you want to keep going— is there a character in danger you are fearful for and you want to find out what their fate is? Or is there a build up to a first kiss or a betrayal? If a family secret is about to be revealed or a new planet discovered, decide what draws you in most about the book and focus on finding out more about that.

Not hooked by the book? Don’t worry, I know the feeling. Some books just don’t work out. Pick another from your pile or E-reader.

Take a break— the Reverse Readathon is not just about reading, check out some of the mini challenges going on or hop over to Twitter.

And if you are more of a blogger, get chatting and comment on another blogger’s post.

Have a snack. Whatever you fancy, whether that’s chocolate, s’mores ice cream or something healthier, nourish your body to help concentration during the Readathon.

Buddy up! Some love to read in solitude but for others a “Buddy Read” is a great way to share the same book. It’s all about reading or listening together. You can even FaceTime/ Skype a friend and enjoy a book together or read pages aloud to each other.

We all have our favourite authors (Some of mine are Jodi Picoult and Cathy Glass). A Book by your favourite author can make the hours fly by.

Time for a short one: Graphic novels, short stories or any short book can help you get through more and help with that Goodreads Reading Challenge goal.

Change genre: fancy some romance? A thriller? Or that memoir you wanted to discover? A genre change can make you experience another way of writing. Or you could even try a new author.

Sleep is as important as activity: We all know this is a long event but make sure you get some sleep so you can wake up and see how much more you get done. In a cliffhanger but too sleepy to finish? Saving the best book to last? Keep these by for morning so you can finish on a high. And if the last day of the Readathon schedule finds you just going to bed while others are getting up, have a relaxing book to hand so you can have sweet dreams.

Whichever way you decide to tackle the Reverse Readathon and whether it is your first time or your fifth, above all I wish you the best of luck and hope you have fun in the remaining hours of the event.


New Mini-Challenge:

Wordsearch – Gabby. This will be hosted to both my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Have fun and good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Hour 11 – Tips To Help You in your Quest to Keep Going!

  1. How were your first 10 hours of the Readathon? Good! Read a handful of graphic novels to feel accomplished! Plus they’re good for nighttime which is when my reverse ‘thon started.
    What has your favourite book been so far and why? I’m really digging Gabourey Sibide’s memoir This is Just My Face. I’m listening to it.


    1. Glad you’re enjoying the readathon Elyse. Mine started at nighttime too. Memoirs are a good choice. Enjoy the rest of the event!


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