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Reverse Read-a-thon Reader Sign Up

Last week we announced the dates of our Reverse Read-a-thon (August 7-8, 2020). We had 31 people volunteer to help out and I couldn’t be more excited about the response.

Today I’m back to bring you the sign up to be a reader sign-ups. As a reminder, you do NOT have to read the full 24 hours to be a reader. If you even just get in one hour of reading, you are a participant in this event. So please sign up below and let us know your readathon home 🙂


10 thoughts on “Reverse Read-a-thon Reader Sign Up”

  1. Hello,

    I just signed up and have now realised that the data I shared on the form (including my email address) can now be seen by everyone. I did not realise that all this would be shared in this manner. Could you please remove me from the challenge as I do not wish my personal details to be shared openly (line 33 on the list)


    1. Hi Steph –
      I deleted your entry. I’ve also hidden the column on the spreadsheet that includes email addresses. I’ll make sure for the October Readathon that the email address portion isn’t there. Thank you for expressing your concern.


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