Reverse Readathon

Summer 2020 Reverse Readathon

Hello Readathon Friends!

One of the top questions we have received is if there is going to be a Reverse Readathon this summer. The answer: Yes we are!

What is the Reverse Readathon? Last year, Andi and Heather decided to host a laid back readathon that would take place at the beginning of summer. The idea is to have a laid back readathon with fewer hourly posts, no prizes, and way less stress for everyone involved. It was also another opportunity to have readers all over the world join in and read together.

Aside from the more laid back approach, the Reverse Readathon starts 12 hours earlier than the regular readathon. So for those of you used to starting at 5 AM (like me) now we get to start on Friday at 5 PM! That will hopefully allow us to power through those rough night time hours early on when the enthusiasm is still high, and then be able to make it till the end.

So when will this Reverse Readathon be? We will be started Friday, August 7th at 8 PM EST and ending Saturday, August 8th at 8 PM EST.

We are looking for some people who might want to volunteer and co-host over here on the blog or maybe host a mini-challenge. If this is something you would be interested in try, please sign up on the Google Form below. In the next week, we will have another post for reader sign ups.


6 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Reverse Readathon”

  1. Question! Do you mean EST, or do you mean EDT? When I used a timezone converter it warned that EST isn’t currently in use in most locations, so it would only give me the conversion from EDT.

    It sounds like it’s EDT, but just to be sure!


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