April 2018

Hour 17 – Energy Drinks and GIFS!

Woo! We’re getting so close to that finish line! How’s everyone doing? Still having a good read? Having fun chats with other readers? Who else has been on a caffeine binge? Can you tell I’ve just had an energy drink? ^_^

So, I’m a fan of some YouTube gamers and one of their games posed the problem of getting to live in the fantasy world of your choice, but you’d have to be a villain! Would it be worth it? It got me thinking about the various worlds I’ve read and which ones I’d be okay with being a villain in. To be honest, I’m not sure there are any! Then again, the question never said anything about being the kind of villain who got caught. You could even just be the kind of “villain” who actually pushes the protagonist into becoming the hero!

I’m of a mixed mind about it. Would you make the choice to live in the realm of your choice, but as the villain? Would it be worth it? What loopholes can you think of to make it more of a Wreck-It-Ralph kind of scenario?

I understand if that’s a bit too much to think about right now. It’s late and we’ve got more reading, cheering and chatting to do! Speaking of which, YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB! WHOOO! Keep it up!!

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6 thoughts on “Hour 17 – Energy Drinks and GIFS!”

  1. I don’t care to be a villain though I love a good villain. I am better suited to be a wiseass of a sidekick, the supportive one but never lets the hero get a big head. Nah, villainy isn’t my jam.


  2. My initial answer to the villain question was not so much what world I want to live in, but what villain I’d be cool with being. For that it would be a tie between Nimona and Lord Ballister Blackheart from Nimona. They were in the moral grey area (not all bad, not all good) so if I had to choose a villain, I’d choose one of them. Now if I had to choose a world, I’d probably choose one where the villain doesn’t stay the villain like Prock from The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles and as an added bonus, I could live in whangdoodleland (a childhood dream).


  3. I don’t know, it might be pretty fun to be a villain. But I would not want to be on Jack Randall’s side in 1770s Scotland!! Outlander fan here. 🙂


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