Hello everyone! Salutations! Greetings! May the Force be with you! My name is Rachel Noel and I am gonna be your co-host for the next few hours.

I’ll admit, I do enjoy my sci-fi and fantasy novels and I’ve noticed a bit of a common theme amongst them. Well, at least where superpowers are involved. Whatever powers the character receives are pretty much based on their personality. When I think about it, if it were to happen to me, I’d end up with a reading based super power! Can you imaging what that would look like?

I’ve actually come up with a few and I’m curious, which of these reading based super powers would you want?

  1. Every time you open a book and start reading, time stops. It restarts again when you’re no longer reading.
  2. You can read super fast with no loss of enjoyment, comprehension or engagement.
  3. You can always open a book to exactly the passage or page you’re looking for.
  4. You always know what book someone needs to read, even if it’s a book you’ve never heard of.
  5. The ability to read and understand books, regardless of the language they’re written in.

I know these aren’t exactly the most fantastical of powers. Some books have it so you can just reach in and grab an item from a book. Others let you travel through books! But I kinda wanted to keep it based on the actual action of reading. By all means, if you think of others, please let me know!

In the meantime, keep enjoying your reading! If you’re getting tired, don’t worry about staying up the full time. The important thing is that you’re having fun. That being said, if you need a second wind, just let us know! We’ve got cheerleaders at the ready to encourage you on!

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17 thoughts on “Hour 16 – There Were Superpowers Involved

  1. #5 would be pretty cool but I have to go with #1 – I have so much else on my plate so I always feel guilty when I use that time to read, it’d be so nice if I could have all that extra time!


  2. Hm, torn on this one

    You always know what book someone needs to read, even if it’s a book you’ve never heard of.
    Being able to find the one book that can help someone or turn them on to love reading. That would be a good for others choice.

    The ability to read and understand books, regardless of the language they’re written in. So much is lost in translation, I’d love to be able to read in original languages. This would be the selfish choice


  3. My favorite is the 5th reading superpower of being able to read and understand anything regardless of the language it’s in. That’s one I would definitely like to have. But I also like #4. It would be cool to be able to pair someone up with their perfect book. A book that could become their next favorite book. It would be amazing to have that power.


  4. I am at a huge toss up between number 1 and number 4. Question for number 1….would you stop aging as well? or would it be your own time is slipping away so you could be aging hours faster than every one around you? I mean this would be great for lunch breaks where I’m at a really good part and don’t want to have to go back to work.

    But I also have a firm power in the healing and empowering nature of books and if I could recommend the correct one to everybody – even the ones I haven’t heard of I think that would be an amazing way to help the world…

    Both are amazing and I don’t know how I could possibly pick between them.


  5. Either #1 or #5. Probably number one because while I love the idea of instantly underdtandin some works that never make it to English if I can stop time when reading, that would leave me a lot of free time. So I would just learn another language (Japanese) or two. So I’d be all set!


  6. Definitely #1

    I want to read till my hearts content. I also read for a living so it would look like I do my job really fast. Win win.


  7. #2 for sure, I could read so many books but like all superpowers with great power comes great responsibility because I m gonna need to buy more books so that faster I read the more books I need to buy then I needs larger home for all these books. So many problems 😉


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