April 2018

Warm Up – In a New Light

Yep, I volunteered again to write a little pre-readathon warm-up post. I did it without having the faintest clue what I’ll be writing about. So, here I am sitting in front of my laptop, wishing it were a typewriter (yes, that is my latest obsession), wracking my brain about an interesting coffee topic and clearly needing more coffee. Last readathon’s warm-up post was a complete swoon-fest for books and nostalgic beyond control, so I think this one needs to be NOT that. Maybe I should shoot for funny? Except, that really isn’t my forte. Sarcasm I can do, maybe even some ill-timed puns, but I am definitely not known to be funny. Maybe I could be intellectual and only use book quotes? The only way that could be more pretentious is if I were to actually type it on my typewriter. In a coffee shop. Listening to [insert obscure band here that no one has heard of]. Yeah, that’s a NO to the literary-references-only post. Then what else can I do? I think I am back to pouring my heart out about books.

Last time I said books are my friends. That’s still true. This time I’d like to add that they are also my teachers. After finishing grad school, I really amped up my reading quota and pushed my genre limits, including non-fiction, which is very difficult for me (I get way too easily distracted reading non-fiction). Aside from being endlessly entertained over the last 2+ years, I have also begun to broaden my viewpoints, (re-)evaluated my beliefs, and really questioned some societal norms, thanks to various books that have forced me to face myself in a new light. Take for example, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This piece boasted complex language and even more complex social issues. A hard-hitting but necessary read that still sticks with me today. It is a book that I often think of when watching the news or talking to friends, remembering how the author sees the world and the problems he has encountered is like a personal reset button when I find myself to be too content with a situation, too secure in my own environment, and too hesitant to press on and demand change and progress.

So, how does Dewey’s readathon play into this?, you ask! That’s an easy answer. Dewey’s ever-expands (is that a verb? No clue. Who cares!) my TBR. It exposes me to books I had never heard of. I get to read summaries and opinion pieces from other avid readers making me excited to try new genres or authors. Connecting with like-minded individuals from various backgrounds and with diverse life experiences can ONLY result in good things. Thus, this readathon, I am setting my mind to togetherness, diversity, respect, and inclusion through literature and book communities. I know that, of course, I can learn from books but I can also learn from people, which means I can learn from you. I hope you will join me. I hope you will continue to be present and open-minded. All in all, I hope together we can change the world, one book at a time.

Thank you for such a great post, Juli! Be sure to visit her blog!