October 2021, readathon

Hour 5 – Social Reading

And one last time, this is Kait from Kait Plus Books, here with all the excessive gifs and exclamation points!

How does reading change when we do it together? Whether that means reading the same books or just reading together at the same time (hi readathon!), I think it makes a difference when we know that other people are reading with us.

I love readathons and other social reading because it makes me feel connected to other people. What about you? Do you enjoy the community that comes together for things like Readathon? Or do you just like having an entire day to set everything aside and just read? It could be both! Let me know in the comments and have a happy readathon!

I’m signing off here for the last time (today), but I’ll still be updating my blog and mini game all day! Come visit me and say hi!

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7 thoughts on “Hour 5 – Social Reading”

  1. I love a little of both! Sometimes I want to be shut up in my cozy reading nook with my book and hot cup of tea, I like joining reading groups for readathons, and sometimes it’s fun to have someone join you reading quietly beside you!


  2. For me , group activities always inspire me to perform a task better ,whether it be hiking , swimming , reading or cooking lessons . . . I always find myself tuning into the vibes of the group and stay motivated .


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