October 2021, readathon

Hour 6 – Audiobooks

Hope everybody is having a great time reading so far! Can you believe we are six hours into reading already? I’m just amazed! How is your reading going? Fantastic I’m sure! I like to switch up my hours so I don’t get burned out. I read for a few hours and then I switch to audiobooks. I mean I’m still reading either way, but you get me! Anybody else do this as well? If so, what do you do when listen? Me personally, I either scroll the computer, clean, color, or play games. I try to avoid anything that takes concentration away from the audiobook too much. It definitely helps maximize reading time! I usually don’t like to listen to audio on headphone though, so I usually stick in my room when I listen. But I do have headphones. I’d love to hear your audiobook routine!

Back to reading! I’ll be listening to audiobook and hanging out with you all on Twitter! Happy reading!

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9 thoughts on “Hour 6 – Audiobooks”

    1. At hour 6 I was listening to Leslie Jordan’s “How Y’all Doing?”. It was good to listen to something light and funny, as I was running errands for my father. Took my mind off his (and my) situation for a bit.

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  1. I’ll definitely be switching to my audiobook at some point! I like to listen while I’m eating, or playing Match-3 type puzzle games on my phone or laptop. Just something to keep my hands busy while my brain’s enjoying the book!

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  2. I normally spend about half the readathon listening to audiobooks. Since I work long hours all week, the weekend is when I catch up on housework, which I can do on autopilot while enjoying an audiobook with my noise canceling headphones. I also like to walk a bit during the day, and I’ve learned (the hard way) that walking with a physical book is not a good idea. Yay audiowalking!

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  3. I am an audiobook junkie. There isn’t much I don’t do while listening to audiobooks. However, this weekend, it is pretty much house chores, or relaxing and playing games for bits of time. I usually have an audiobook for the car and home, one for work, and sometimes a third for sleeping when I am having issues.

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