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Warm Up: Music While We Read

I grew up being one of those choir freaks. I feel deeply connected to music, so naturally when I read I also like to listen to music. However, I get distracted easily, so all the music I listen to while I read is instrumental. Now, some of you might think that sounds boring. However, I will tell you there is instrumental music that can move anyone’s soul. If your looking for something to listen to while you read here are my suggestions.

Movie sound tracks have wonderful music. Here are some of my current favorites to listen to:

Finding Nemo
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Monster, Inc.
Pirates of the Caribbean
Boss Baby
Game of Thrones
Night at the Museum
Forrest Gump
Schindler’s List
P.S. I Love You
How To Train Your Dragon 2
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Downton Abbey
Edward Scissorhands
And of course any of the Harry Potter Movie Sound Tracks!

If you are into to popular songs that are on the radio, there are several artists that recreate them instrumentally. Here are my recommendations for some awesome artists:

The Piano Guys
Simply Three
Vitamin String Quartet
Brooklyn Duo
Midnite String Quartet
Dallas String Quartet
Piano Tribute Players

For those of you who like classical music I recommend some more contemporary composers:

Philip Wesley
Break of Reality
Brain Crain
Michele McLaughlin
Joe Bongiorno

A non-music suggestion is some ambient sounds. I have been loving ASMR Rooms on YouTube.  The creator is brilliant, and who doesn’t want to feel like you’re in your favorite Hogwarts house common room?

Currently I’m loving 221 B Baker Street.

Also, the website coffitivity.com gives you the feeling of being inside a coffee shop from wherever you happen to be

For those of you who have Spotify, as an added bonus I created a playlist that contains 24 hours worth of music to listen to with no repeats. The playlist is entitled “24 hour Readathon Playlist” The playlist is also free to listen to on random shuffle for those that aren’t premium members. Here’s the direct link!

Whatever you choose to listen to I wish you happy listening and happy reading.

Find Elizabeth on Instagram at @lizzardreads!

8 thoughts on “Warm Up: Music While We Read”

  1. This is really great. Just the kind of music I like – and since I’m not a fan of total silence and gets easily distracted this is just perfect! Thanks! Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.


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