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Warm Up: Short Reading Recommendations

Few things bring out my competitive spirit quite like reading. I know sometimes I should slow down and savor, but it turns out I’m a glutton for books. More is always better.

Nothing gets my competitive juices pumping quite like Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon. Twenty-four hours to read as much as you can? I’m so there.

I need to get the most out of my 24-hour reading blast. So I’m going to stick to short book that I can blaze through.

Here are nine nibbles of novels I already read and loved (plus one I will read myself during the readathon). I highly recommend these for your April 29th reading binge!

  1. Binti – Measuring only a slim 96 pages, Binti by Nnedi Okorafor is a refreshing dose of afrofuturism. Follow the eponymous protagonist Binti across the galaxy in this bite-sized novella about prejudice, culture, and home.
  2. The House on Mango Street – Weighing in at only 110 pages, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros tackles culture and belonging with a deceptively simple style that belies the magnitude of art and symbolism woven into this book. A true favorite of mine that I love to teach. You can read it in a sitting.
  3. Night – Coming in at only 120 pages, Night by Elie Wiesel is by no means a light read. However, it is an important one. It details a first-person account of life at Auschwitz. Night is required reading as far as I’m concerned.
  4. Animal Farm – “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell’s 122-page barnyard dystopia seems increasingly relevant and referenced in our current political climate. Give it a read and picture politicians as pigs!
  5. Ethan Frome – Here is another classic for you to sink your teeth into. Edith Wharton’s 128-page Ethan Frome depicts stark life on a frigid farm in turn of the century Massachusetts. It’s the perfect dark tale to lead you into summer!
  6. We the Animals – A more recent work, Justin Torres’s We the Animals clocks in at only 128 pages. This story of heritage and coming of age pairs quite well with The House on Mango Street. I recommend reading them together as your Dewey’s one-two punch.
  7. Hunger – With only 134 pages, Knut Hamsun’s Hunger has influenced the likes of Kafka, Joyce, and Henry Miller. Abject poverty, hunger, and despair? Sounds like the perfect novella for a sunny April afternoon.
  8. The Old Man and the Sea – Good old Papa Hemingway. The Old Man and the Sea is one of his finest works. If you haven’t read this tight tale of a man’s struggle with a big fish, think about tackling it for this readathon. At only 134 pages, you can finish it before your drink runs dry. (Your soda, that is.)
  9. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie – With an elegant 150 pages, Muriel Spark tells the story of a notorious teacher and her dangerous relationship with six girls who worship her. Pair this one with one of the darker reads for a little balance.
  10. My Read: By Night in Chile – I’ll be reading this novella by Robert Bolaño to get ready for my own trip to Chile this June. According to Goodreads, it’s “a deathbed confession revolving around Opus Dei and Pinochet.” Sounds intriguing!

I hope you’ve found something good to read for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon. Get your TBR stacked and your coffee brewing! Come read with me on April 29th. Tweet to met @Becky_Renner I can wait to read with you!

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