April 2016, October 2016

That’s a Wrap on the April 2016 #Readathon!

Thank you THANK YOU for joining us for the April 2016 Readathon! We ended the event with

  • 1,950 readers
  • 774 Facebook group members
  • 2,237 Goodreads members
  • And an epic ton of photos, Tweets, BookTube videos, and any other kind of social media love you can imagine!

We’ll be back with our next event on October 22, 2016 and we hope to see you there.


In the meantime, if you’re moved to volunteer we would love to have you be a part of the Dewey’s family. It takes over 100 individuals to make this machine work, and we could use more hands! You can express your interest in the form down below, and we’ll reach out to you as the next event draws close.

We’ll see you in October!


April 2016, October 2015

Read-a-thon Highlights

Another Dewey’s Readathon has come and gone, and we could not be more thankful for the thousands of you who joined us to read, cheer, host mini-challenges, co-host.

Heather and I are whizzes with spreadsheets and we have a pretty good organizational plan to keep things going, but without all of you taking time out of your lives to volunteer and read, this event wouldn’t happen. It’s so important to us that we honor Dewey’s legacy, so thank you so much for enthusiastically doing that time and again.

Quick Facts:

  • 2,008 readers
  • 132 cheerleaders
  • 28 mini-challenges
  • 1,102 entries in the Books Read Database (so far)
  • 8 hourly co-hosts
  • 1,495 Goodreads group members
  • 120+ prizes awarded

If you’re interested in volunteering for the next readathon on April 23, 2016, fill out the form down below.

But now…Amanda from Fig and Thistle has used Storify to capture some moments from the readathon that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Read on, readers!!!!

See you next time!


April 2010

Volunteers Needed!

We’re gearing up for the read-a-thon coming up on April 10, 2010, and I need some volunteers! Here are some of the jobs I’ve got slots for:

  • Co-hosts
  • Mini-challenge team (organizing, posting on the readathon blog looking for volunteers, assigning people times, etc)
  • Cheerleader team (recruit, organize, and be available for questions)
  • Soliciting Prizes team (solicit prizes, solicit angels, and put prizes in list on Prize page)
  • Prize monitors/email monitors during the readathon
  • Prize distribution team

Any one of these jobs can take 10-20 hours of your time. Some jobs may take less time, but it’s definitely a time commitment.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email me at deweyreadathon at gmail and let me know which job you’re interested in. THANK YOU!!

Also, raise your hand if you CAN’T WAIT for the read-a-thon.

::Trish raises hand::