The Beginners’ Guide to Dewey’s Readathon

It’s that time again! The time to devote an entire day to reading. If the word “again” doesn’t apply to you, that means it’s your first time. In that case: welcome! Welcome to 24 hours spent reading, snacking, reading, posting your progress, and reading some more.

Established in 2007, Dewey’s Readathon takes place twice a year (sometimes with a few extras thrown in between) and is an entire day devoted to reading with other book lovers around the world. If it’s your first time participating, here are few tried and tested tips to get you through the 24 hours.

Build a Stack
There’s no better opportunity than a readathon to get through your TBR pile. Many readers build a stack of books they’d love to read during the readathon, often compiled of titles they’ve long been wanting an excuse to start. Many of these book stacks are ambitious and we often don’t get through them all, but it’s good to have options!

Get Snacks
You’ll need plenty of fuel to get through the day (and night!), so stock up on your favourite snacks and remember your favourite drink: whether it’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or wine. Remember to take a break for proper meals too.

Follow the Action
One of the best things about the readathon – besides all the reading  – is the support along the way. And it comes from all corners of the globe as readers from different countries dive into their books. Follow the conversation by following the hashtag #readathon, as well as these accounts on your preferred platform:

Twitter: @readathon
Instagram: @deweysreadathon
Facebook: Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon
Goodreads: Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon
Reddit: 24HourReadathon

Take photos and introduce fellow readathonners to your books, your snacks, and your furry companions. You can also participate in Twitter parties, take part in photo challenges on Instagram, chart your progress on Goodreads, and best of all: chat with fellow readers. It’s a great way to take a mini-break between chapters or books.

Take It Easy
Don’t feel pressured to finish your stack or spend every single minute of the 24 hours stuck into a book. Reading’s what you love best, so don’t let it become a chore or a bore. Dedicate however much time you want or can. Besides, many readers are still working, looking after little ones, or running errands, so it’s understandable and logical that most will be taking breaks to get life done.

If you’re worried you may miss the action online because you can only join at night, don’t worry! With readers participating all over the world and in multiple time zones, you can be sure to find someone participating when you hop online. While your part of the world may be getting ready to go to bed, another part may be waking up.

Get Moving
Taking breaks is important, especially if you’re taking part in all 24 hours, or most of them. You’ll just find yourself getting stiff and cramped if you sit around all day – or falling asleep if you lie down! One of the best ways to take a break is to get moving. Go for a walk, skip, run, dance, or do yoga. Stretch out your body and get the blood flowing again. If you want to carry on reading, switch to an audiobook.

Try Something Different
That’s another point to consider. You don’t have to stick to conventional, hardcopy books. Read your Kindle, download an audiobook, find a play or poetry. Read comic books and graphic novels. It’s your chance to try something new or different – not just in terms of how you’re reading, but what you’re reading. Always wanted to read more horror? Pick up a horror novella or short story and give the genre a try. Look for new authors, books in translation, and find ways to diversify your reading.

Catch Some Zzz’s
If you feel your eyelids fluttering and find yourself reading the same sentence over and over again, take a nap. Go to bed. Get proper sleep. Don’t skimp out on the zzz’s. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle more chapters.

Find Your Zone
This year, Dewey’s readathon takes place on Saturday 8 AM April 24, 2021 Eastern time. Check the times here to find out what your local starting time is.

Make it your own. Take 50 photos. Take none. Read only one genre. Read three. Read aloud. Read quietly. Turn on music. Turn it off. Devote an hour. Devote twelve. Whatever you do, make it your own, and have fun!

Happy reading! See you on the 24th of April!
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October 2014

Hour 4 – Breakfast & Books

Breakfast & Books, Breakfast,Food, Eggs,  Blog A Book Etc

Fay again from Blog a Book, Etc.! There is something great about lounging around in bed and when you finally venture out from under the security and warmth of the covers, you end up at the breakfast table/cafe.

Whilst you are shovelling in the delectable mouthwatering bites of a proper poached egg you listen to your latest Audiobook or you have your latest read propped up next to you in order to stop it getting ‘food dirty!’. Now onto the reading (Again!)

What are your guilty pleasures for this hour and many more?

Or not so guilty!


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October 2014

Hour 3 – Take 5!

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Three hours in and we are going steady. Fay here from Blog a Book, Etc.! Reach for the snacks and the coffee if you need them and stay strong. Don’t forget to take regular rest breaks for those precious peepers.

Stop worrying about how many pages we are reading collectively and ENJOY what you are reading.

Over in the UK the weather isn’t the greatest so it is the perfect excuse to bust out the cosy socks and extra blanket and snuggle down. How about the weather where you are reading? What’s happening?

Take 5 and Share with us!

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April 2014, readathon

Hour 20 – Madness!

I can’t really explain this video but it is on many of my reading playlists and helps me along – the video is a bit odd! 

OMG, It is back! Okay so now I got my little cheery wave of happiness out of the way. Welcome back from me and how great is this read-a-thon right! I feel so lucky to be able to have the chance to co-host again. This read-a-thon has played a big part on my blog for a couple of years now and as with everyone else gives me the chance to focus and clear the dust off from some of the books that I have been wanting to read for so long but never really found the right time to do so.

I know it is nearly the end of the road but you have done so well to get this far and there really is no point in giving up now so join me as I do five things to stay awake and keep me focused.


If coffee is not your choice of beverage hot or cold then tuck into your favourite and make it special. For me it is will be a homemade (Tassimo!) Latte Macchiato with extra thick whipped cream and chocolate dusting.


Prior to the read-a-thon I made several playlists titles of which are – active, chilled, concentration, Old Skool. Now everybody loves a bit of the old skool so why not incorporate it into something that can help you concentrate and go that extra mile. My current favourite album is the Bastille album as there are a range of songs on there that have a bit of pretty much everything but the old skool and it just makes me giggle listening to it.


Before the read-a-thon began I made myself a timetable for reading and other such activities that would keep me awake for the 24 hour stint ahead. On a regular day off this is how I get things done so why not use a normal routine to help get through this particular day of greatness.


Much like caffeine, snacking is just as important. If your energy levels begin to dwindle so does concentration and hunger for reading turns into hunger for food. By stopping tracks before they are even made add a few treats to your shopping list and indulge. One of the things on my must have treats list is Pistachio cookies – they are just YUM! In the spirit of DIY once again I found a couple of recipes and ran a little wild with them.


Don’t forget your fellow read-a-thoners – there are more than 700 this year and we should all be supporting each other whether it be a hey hello or just a like or comment on a couple of posts. As this read-a-thon is international obviously a lot of conversations will be happening at different times. Being in London my time is GMT 0 where are you?

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