April 2021, readathon

Pre-Readathon Board Game Mini-Challenge

Hello Readathoners!

For this pre-readathon challenge we’ve created a fun board game! It is open to start playing right now until the start of Dewey’s on April 24th. You can play 1 of two ways…either by yourself or against other fellow readathoners.

If you want to play against others, find a couple book buddies (or post in the comments below that you’re looking for a book buddy) and then start your game. You can play on the Facebook Group or Goodreads or a blog or wherever else you all can agree on. You all start at the same time, updating when you finish a square and roll again. The first to cross the finish line is the winner!

If you are playing against yourself, you can either post your board and your progress (Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, blog. etc). When you finish, come back to this post and let us all know that you’ve completed. Then you can begin again, if you want, or maybe go back and try to complete as many squares as you can 🙂

The instructions to play are on the board game in the below. You can also find the game on the google drive.

I hope everyone enjoys playing! GOOD LUCK!

***Parents, if you feel any challenge prompt needs further adaption for your children, please feel free to do this. No need to check if a prompt is okay. You know your child and what will challenge them.

October 2020, readathon

Get Ready: Dewey’s 24 Hour October Read-A-Thon by Mr Geek!

Hi All – My name is Shawn (but you can call me Mr Geek). I’m the author behind the blog, Treat Yo Shelf! So go ahead, Treat Yo Shelf to a new book! I’m really looking forward to co-hosting the upcoming Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon and I thought what better way to kick things off than with a quick introduction post telling you a little more about me.

When 2020 kicked off, I had lofty goals and expectations for the year. 2019, in general, wasn’t a great. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and underwent a pretty extensive treatment over the summer between that and his recovery the year was pretty bleak. I remember us sitting at dinner on New Year’s Eve, toasting that we were happy for 2019 to be behind us and ready for a fresh start in 2020. This year has not been ideal but I’ve been managing to find nuggets of happiness along the way. Early into the pandemic I struggled to read and found myself generally anxious about life and unable to focus on my books (granted, there were a lot of unknowns about work, life and what was going to happen next). As we shift into the latter half of 2020, I seem to have fallen into a nice reading groove and am working on accomplishing my stretch goal of 52 books for the year!

I’ve found that by joining read-a-thons, it gave me a greater sense of focus and allowed me to turn my reading into a bit of a game. One of the first read-a-thons I joins this year was Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon. 24 hours dedicated to nothing but reading! I live on the East Coast and love the fact that this one starts at 8 am (my time). When Kate, from Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, was looking for volunteers to help co-host this October read-a-thon I knew I had to sign up!

My blog, Treat Yo Shelf, was inspired by Parks & Recc and the greatest day of the year: Treat Yo Self. I’ve always been an enabler and an advocate for splurging on that new book! This October, Treat Yo Shelf and Dewey’s are coming together, to encourage readers throughout the country to go buy a new book and read along with me for 24 hours! Definitely stop over and check out some of my posts. I love to post book reviews, TBRs and monthly recaps – who knows, maybe I’ll help you find your next favorite read!?

Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon starts on October 24th at 8 am (EST)! I’ll be hosting a mini challenge (follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my blog, Treat Yo Shelf, for updates) and I’ll be co-hosting a couple of hours late into the read-a-thon! Hope you are able to join in on the fun! If you have questions, let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time,
Mr Geek

October 2020, readathon

Pre-Readathon Mini-Challenge

Several years ago, we started doing “pre-readathon readathons”. These were usually 2-3 different “challenges” that people could participate in to get amped up for the readathon. When we took over as hosts, this was something that we wanted to bring to the event as a whole. These are completely optional to participate in and are just meant to be fun.

For the first of our challenges, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 15 reading challenges for you to complete before the start of the readathon. These are intended to challenge you, but not be impossible. You can track your reading challenge here on the blog or in the space for the challenge on the Goodreads or Facebook groups as well as our new Reddit Community (each of those link back to where you can post your challenge). Please just make a new post or comment and then update it as you complete a challenge. Each book read, may only qualify for one challenge, so no double dipping for this (unlike in the Bingo event).

So without further ado, here are your Reading Challenges:

  1. Read a “long” book (over 500 pages) – For readers under 13, page count over 250 pages. Can be multiple books
  2. Read a “short” book (under 250 pages) – For readers under 13, page count under 100 pages. Can be multiple books
  3. Pick 5 of your favorite genres and enter them in a randomizer. Read a book in that genre
  4. Read a “spooky” book (your own definition of spooky is fine)
  5. Read a book that is 75% one color on the cover.
  6. Read a book that was published in the last 18 months
  7. Read a book that was published more than 100 years ago – For readers under 13 years old, a book published more than 10 years ago.
  8. Read a book set in the Fall or with a cover that looks like it is Fall (leaves changing, etc)
  9. Read a book set in the Spring or with a cover that looks like it is Spring (trees blooming, etc)
  10. Read at least 75% of a book when it’s dark outside – For readers under 13, it must be read 75% after dinner, but doesn’t have to be when it’s dark outside.
  11. Read at least 75% of a book outside (please social distance… a park or back patio will do fine)
  12. Read a book with an animal (real or made up) on the cover
  13. Read a book with a main character or author whose first name starts with the same letter as your first name.
  14. Take five books you really want to read and put them in a randomizer and read whichever one is chosen.
  15. Read a book that is set in a location you wish you could visit or live in. This location can be real or imaginary.

We are allowing one Alternate task where if there is a task you don’t like or can’t complete, you may read book of your choosing in it’s place. This may only be done once. The only other requirement is that qualifying books need to be over 125 pages (except for the short book task and for readers under 13).

***I have tried to add adjustments for our younger readers, but parents, if you feel any challenge prompt needs further adaption, please feel free to do this. No need to check if a prompt is okay. You know your child and what will challenge them.

Once you have fully completed the reading challenge, you may come back here and enter your information and books on included Google Form. Everyone who completes the challenge will be given a shout out in the Welcome post on the day of the readathon! And one lucky person will be awarded a gift card from Steph Coelho. Thank you so much for offering a prize donation!