April 2022

Hour 16

If you’ve been with us for the past 15 hours and are still reading, you are one of the dedicated. Seriously. I have a lot of friends who consider themselves readers, but most of them could not handle even 15 hours of readathon reading. I can’t imagine how reading would work as an Olympics event, or how NBC would cover readathons. ….

(It appears as if Reader 15 has dropped her book … and she’s snoring! Tough break for Uzbekistan. At least their other reader is still going strong. … Oh, no! Reader 3 is drooling in her book. We usually expect the Canadians to stay awake a lot longer than this. … She’s nodded back awake! The refs agree she was not quite asleep, so she is still in, but with a slight penalty for the drooling. Canada may not be taking home the gold in this event, but she is still in the running for bronze at the moment. … )

Anyway …

Have your book ready for this hour-long spring?

On your marks …. Get set …. Read!

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April 2020, readathon

Hour 16 – Do you want to be a kid again?

Hello friends! I’m Kristen from The Book Monsters, you can find me over at Instagram or Twitter and even Litsy @bookgoil. I’ll be around the next three hours here and over on the Readathon twitter!

I’m a bit of a readathon-a-holic and I’ve participated in many of the 24 hour readathons but I don’t always stay up this late, so I have some ways to keep you guys awake. We can start with this short and funny video.

Not sure if that’s how I’d react to seeing myself as a kid again, but I thought it was fun and definitely woke me right up! I’m sure in these times some of us would like to be kids again. Are any of you reading kids books this go around? I usually have some but not today. I love middle grade fiction especially for some lighter-hearted stories. Share your recommendations below!

Personally I suggest Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, Ban this Book by Alan Gratz, and anything by graphic novelist Ben Hatke.

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October 2019, readathon

Hour 16 – Let’s get moving!

Hello readathoners, it’s still Valentina from 100-books-a-year. (you can also find me tweeting @ValeGeneva) 

Why 100 non-fiction books? A friend once joked that as fast reader, and I am, I could at least make my skill usefulI by reviewing all I read, so that they don’t have to. Here I am. A brand new book blogger! 

Anyhow, how are you feeling?

I have been reading all day yesterday and since I just woke up one hour ago today, I feel the need for a good stretch. You might use one too. 

I am a runner, and I have just started practising Yoga, but I also like to dance around the house blasting music (definitely not at 6 o’clock in the morning), or clean the house and the garden when I have accumulated rage to get rid of. 

What’s your favorite physical activity? 

What music do you play?

After reading only non fiction for the last 4 months, and non stop today, I really wish I could go and clean up something. I realized that I desperately need to mix up my book selection, and add some lighter books in my list, otherwise in another 8 months, I will be completely disillusioned with humanity. 

I ‘could’ also pick up a really good novel, but it’s hard enough to reach 100 books without detours … and I don’t trust myself not to run to the bookstore and never turn back. 

What do you usually read? 

What is your favorite ‘light and funny’ non-fiction author? 

Help a fellow reader! 

I wish you all a great continuation of the Red-a-thon! I am going to get moving and walk to breakfast!

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August 2019, Reverse Readathon

Reverse Readathon Hour 16 – New Experiences

The Reverse Readathon is a relatively new thing. I think there’s only been one previous. It’s been a nice exercise in trying something new. Those of us in the Eastern Standard Time Zone get to experience the Readathon as those on Australian Western Standard Time. We get to find out what it’s like to try to start a 24 hour Readathon after having been at work all day. They get to find out what it’s like to wake up refreshed and ready to go. I’m really hoping we can continue to do this every year. Not just because it means we have THREE events per year, but also because I think it’s a good experience for everyone.

That’s something that we, as readers, tend to look for. Each book we read is a new experience, not always good, but always a new perspective, a new set of rules (worldbuilding) and new characters. Sometimes books can give us insight into something we would never experience otherwise. Such is the power of books.

For me, one of the most notable was American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. I will never know what it’s like to feel pressured between two different cultures. I’ll never know what it’s like to try to find the balance while also being myself. That’s one of the great things about books, they can really help give you empathy for people who are going through something you’ll never experience. That’s not to say you’re an expert at it for having read about it, but you can be more sympathetic towards a problem you’ll never face.

So what books have you read that’ve given you a new perspective on something? It doesn’t have to be a life-changing book, but something that gave you a new appreciation for a topic, an experience, an issue. Can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.

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April 2019, readathon

Hour 16 – Get up and move!

Hello readathoners! It’s Kristen from The Book Monsters. You can find me tweeting @bookgoil and instagramming @bookgoil as well as litsy-ing @bookgoil.

I have been reading all day like you, so it’s time for a good stretch, audiobook walk, or playing with the dogs while I flip pages. Maybe find a cool jam to dance around to as well. I’ve been digging some pop and hip hop music lately and highly suggest this song below. It’s great to get you pumping.

What’s a song you like to jam and dance around to? What book are you reading currently and how much are you enjoying it?

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October 2018

Hour 16 – the weird, the mad, the creepy, and the oh so eerie

Hi bookies,

This is Juli from ich lese. You can also find me on Twitter @evilbibliotaph. If you already follow me you know I am only slightly (read: a lot!) obsessed with the weird and the odd and the Gothic and the all-around creepy, crawly, and scary. October is one of my favorite reading months because it’s the perfect excuse to frighten myself with some horror novels or true crime stories or the occasional (read: very frequent) hair-raising movie.

Do you know the movie???? Let me know in the comments.

This time I made this my reading theme for our lovely readathon and yes, I am reading my books in the dark holding a flashlight for extra effect. Of course, my house is decorated in Halloween garb and I have several spooky reading accessories like a terrifying Pennywise bookmark (which I believe I have talked about at length on here during one of the past readathons). And I may or may not be wearing my Wednesday Adams outfit.

And this movie? Any ideas? Again, let me know in the comments.


So my question to all you amazing literary enthusiasts is, how do you set the mood for reading? Do you match the environment to your book? Do you have a staple reading nook that allows you to enter any fictional world? Did you pick a theme for this readathon and went all out as I did? I can’t wait to hear about your strategies!



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July 2018

Reverse Readathon Hour 16

Hey there, book lovers from across the globe,

I hope everyone is enjoying this awesome upside-down, absolutely-crazy, extra-extra, reverse readathon?! I definitely am. I love switching things up, especially when it comes to reading. I am a total mood reader and must, must, must have tons of books to choose from at all times.

Lately, I’ve been expanding to audiobooks (and I am really starting to appreciate their utility) and to new genres including non-fiction. So, since I am on this kick of reading celebrity memoirs, self-help books, and political commentaries, I thought we could dedicate hour 16 to the non-fiction branch of the book tree.

What is a memorable non-fiction book that you would recommend a newbie entering that genre? What’s your all-time favorite non-fiction literary piece and why?

I’ll start this party off with my choices! I highly recommend Tina Fey’s memoir Bossypants. I listened to the audiobook version and Tina reads it and that just does all kinds of good things to the book and would be great for someone just dipping their toe in the non-fiction lake. The cover art also immediately drew me to her book – it’s just so deliciously weird and made me feel so amazingly awkward (those arms and hands!) My next recommendation is We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s a quick read that hits with a punch! Along the same lines, I loved Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates although that was not quite that quick of a read for me. Both books deal with different social issues, but both are just utterly important and so, so relevant – and yes, both will make you feel uncomfortable at times and will make you really think.


So, how is everyone doing with hour 16? Still going strong? Gimme me your non-fiction book recommendations!



P.S.: You can also follow me on Twitter @evilbibliotaph or join me on my blog ichleseblog.wordpress.com.


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April 2018

Hour 16 – There Were Superpowers Involved

Hello everyone! Salutations! Greetings! May the Force be with you! My name is Rachel Noel and I am gonna be your co-host for the next few hours.

I’ll admit, I do enjoy my sci-fi and fantasy novels and I’ve noticed a bit of a common theme amongst them. Well, at least where superpowers are involved. Whatever powers the character receives are pretty much based on their personality. When I think about it, if it were to happen to me, I’d end up with a reading based super power! Can you imaging what that would look like?

I’ve actually come up with a few and I’m curious, which of these reading based super powers would you want?

  1. Every time you open a book and start reading, time stops. It restarts again when you’re no longer reading.
  2. You can read super fast with no loss of enjoyment, comprehension or engagement.
  3. You can always open a book to exactly the passage or page you’re looking for.
  4. You always know what book someone needs to read, even if it’s a book you’ve never heard of.
  5. The ability to read and understand books, regardless of the language they’re written in.

I know these aren’t exactly the most fantastical of powers. Some books have it so you can just reach in and grab an item from a book. Others let you travel through books! But I kinda wanted to keep it based on the actual action of reading. By all means, if you think of others, please let me know!

In the meantime, keep enjoying your reading! If you’re getting tired, don’t worry about staying up the full time. The important thing is that you’re having fun. That being said, if you need a second wind, just let us know! We’ve got cheerleaders at the ready to encourage you on!

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October 2017

Hour 16 – Your Podcast Fix In Book Form

Julianne again! Good job hitting Hour 16, readers! I think part of what can make Readathon challenging is giving up parts of your daily routine that you really enjoy. Truly my series of co-hosting posts could be sub-subtitled “Having It All,” because that’s what I’m trying to achieve in my reading so I don’t get burnt out. And you can too!!

Something I really enjoy is listening to a good, old-fashioned true crime podcast. My Favorite Murder, Serial, Last Podcast on the Left, WHATEVER. But guess what. There are books about true crime, too! I know, the world is a wild place. I think I’m going to check out The Fact of a Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich when I’m feeling like I need a break from fiction. If you’ve been enjoying watching MindHunter on Netflix, you might want to check out the book it was based on: MindHunter by John E. Douglas.

Murderino or not, this technique can be applied to all sorts of podcasts. Comedy podcast? Read a memoir by your favorite comedian (Phoebe Robinson, anybody?). Into tech news? There are plenty of popular science books that are super readable! And so on and so forth. If reading is still getting you down, don’t forget that you can find most things in audiobook form so it won’t be like you’re not listening to a podcast at all!! Man, I’m just full of good news tonight.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you can easily translate into book form? Let us know yours in the comments to help out your fellow podcast addicts!


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April 2017

Hour 16 – Show Me How You Readathon!

Hi again! Still Allison from The Book Wheel holding down the Twitter fort for Hour 16 here. One of my favorite places to read is, not surprisingly, my home office/library. When we were house-hunting last fall, my main requirement was that I have a room all to myself (the “she-shed” was a bonus).

In addition to housing my Lithographs poster and bookshelves, the room is also home to my absolute favorite chair in the world: My reading chair (PS my other dog hates photographs). Because comfort makes reading a lot more pleasurable, I want to see how you’re reading. Do you have a favorite chair? Nook? Hammock? Bathtub? Share your pics below and be sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram!


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