April 2023 Dewey’s Readathon- Sprints

One of the traditions we have maintained in this readathon is our hour-long scheduled reading sprints. Our scheduled reading sprints occur at

Hour 1

Hour 4

Hour 8

Hour 12

Hour 16

Hour 20

Hour 24

We have threads posted in Goodreads for these as they happen, and we try to post them on facebook and twitter and tumblr (and ideally on discord too). You decide how much of the hour you will try to use for reading, and whether you will choose specific books for these. I enjoy picking a few shorter books specifically for these, and often finish one or more of them during the sprints because my focus is better. I also have been known to play an audiobook while crocheting for the hour, pointedly not doing much social media during the sprint (not always possible as an admin, but sometimes this works out).

In addition to these, folks often post extra sprints on whatever social media they are using. These may be hour-long or shorter. Sprints are great for exercising your ability to focus on reading, and over time you may find that they get easier and make non-sprint reading easier as well. If you are looking for ways to get back into reading more, or want to increase your reading quality, these are a great option. Also, after a sprint, if you have been sitting still, be sure to get up and stretch, drink some water, and do some basic self-care before getting back to the books.


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