Book Report Challenge, Part 6

We’re in the final 4 hours of this readathon, so it is time for the last segment of the Book Report Challenge. For this last assignment you’ll be making something, and sharing it on social media.

Option 1: Make movie posters for each of the books you finished/read during this readathon.

Option 2: Make bookmarks for each of the books you finished/read during this readathon.

Option 3: Make a mobile illustrating a favorite scene from one of the books you read during this readathon.

Option 4: Prepare a food or drink inspired by or mentioned in one of the books you read. This could be from a recipe included in the book, but does not have to be. If you choose this option, tell us what you made, how it relates to the book, and provide at least a basic idea of the recipe. A photo of what you made would also be lovely.


Book Report Challenge, Part 5

Getting to know the characters:

Pick one or more characters in your current book. For each one, answer the following questions.

  1. What book(s) would this character have on their readathon TBR stack?
  2. What would they choose as their readathon snacks?
  3. Who or what would their reading buddies be?
  4. Would they complete the full 24 hours, or modify the hours to suit them? Would they only read a couple hours and get bored or busy?
  5. What distractions might pop up for this character during the readathon?
  6. Where and how would this character keep track of their readathon? Would they be posting on facebook? Writing in a cute molesking notebook? Broadcasting live on their own video media channel?

Book Report Challenge, Part 4

What happened next?

Have you finished a book yet during this readathon? This challenge works best with a book you have finished, or that you are nearly finished with. Your assignment is to write, chart, or draw the next chapter(s). Tell us what happens next in the main plotline, or to one of the characters, etc.

For example, if your report is on Hamlet, you might focus on what poor Horatio did after the last curtain. Now that the king and queen and Hamlet are all dead, and the Norwegian king, Fortinbras has turned up, does Horatio stick around to help? Does he leave Denmark? Is he going to be haunted for the rest of his life by the mess that the royal family of Denmark made of things? Does he write off Denmark entirely, move to Sweden or someplace nice and warm like Spain or Algeria where he can marry and settle into a career of some kind? Does Fortinbras stick around to sort out Denmark himself, or does he send his annoying cousin to manage Denmark? Or maybe one of Ophelia’s companions happens to be Hamlet’s cousin and is now the woman to marry to become the new king. There are so many next chapters possible, and you can tell your version in whatever direction you wish.


Book Report Challenge, Part 3

Retelling the Story: For the book you are currently reading, imagine you have been hired to rewrite your book replacing all the human characters with something else (hedgehogs, robots, fish, gnomes, orcs, cats, etc.). Pick a scene from the book and rewrite it using these modified characters. OR … Draw out a series of cartoons to show this scene using the modified characters.