Dates for our Upcoming Readathons

Our 2022 Reverse Readathon will start at 8pm July 22 and run through 8pm July 23.
Our 2022 Fall Readathon will begin at 8am October 22, and end 8am October 23.

Yep, you read that right. Our Reverse Readathon starts at 8pm on Friday, July 22. It is still a 24hr readathon, but it starts in the evening and runs overnight, for us folks in the US time-zones. This event is our youngest, and is quite popular with folks who hate getting up super early, as well as folks in non-US timezones where an 8am EST start time translates to a more obnoxious time. As a night owl, I personally like this format a lot, but don’t let it fool you. The staying awake and reading for 24hrs part is still hard (and fun).

For our traditionalists, our Fall readathon will be on October 22, starting at 8am EST. This is our other long-standing readathon event, pretty much the same as our Spring readathon, just in October.

Our official pre-readathon challenges will be posted in late May for the Reverse Readathon. In addition we’ll have a new Inter-Readathon Reading Challenge starting this year, for folks who need something to fill the long, slow months between our events(more info coming soon).

-Jamie Barringer


3 thoughts on “Dates for our Upcoming Readathons”

  1. Planning to take part! Maybe this time I will also take part in the pre-readathon challenges. Doubtful though, my reading calendar is already pretty full.


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