April 2022, Uncategorized

Hour 24

We are not quite done yet. In some readathons this is where my brain really starts to tune out, just before the end. But, in one more hour, we’ll be done, reading champions for another season. I’ve tried using an audiobook for the last hour-long sprint, which works IF you can stay awake. I also have tried putting on an album of music that is an hour long, not classical music, to mark the hour. I am leaning towards a David Bowie album, or maybe Queen or Led Zeppelin. Something familiar enough to be background, but noisy enough to not lull me to sleep. I also am switching to a new book for this hour, something easy and fun (a Doctor Who novel, actually), so my brain will be super happy to stay alert and reading for one more hour.

Have you settled on your last reading sprint plan? Ok.

On your marks …. Get set …. Read!

Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here!

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