April 2022

Hour 20

This is our second to last reading sprint. How has your readathon gone so far? When did you start reading? Have you really been reading for the past 19 hours? Fantastic! If you have adjusted your readathon plans to fit around other stuff, but are joining us for this one, that’s great too. I love reading sprints, and am looking forward to this one for a chance to refocus my rather tired brain. I am picking up a fresh book for this one, switching genres too, and yes, I have a snack and beverage (and a couple kittens) at hand so I can read without needing to get up for much during this next hour. I picked an hour-long piece of music on youtube so I can hear when the hour is over, and I’ll stop reading when the music stops. It’s tricks like that that keep me engaged during these last few hours of the hardcore 24hr readathons.

Are you ready for this reading sprint?

On your marks …. Get set …. Read!

Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here!

3 thoughts on “Hour 20”

  1. Reblogged this on Cathy's Reading Bonanza and commented:
    I just listened to Stephen Fry narrate the story of Eros and Psyche. This is such a great book, I am having so many Aha!-moments. The Greek gods are pretty much the basis for everything that happened in the Western world afterwards. Well, I sort of knew that, but this is giving me so many examples…


  2. I’ve been reading since 7am CST yesterday and will officially make it the full 24 hours, as I am not actually tired, which is strange. I thought this readathon went really quickly, but I have finished 4 books and read more than 1,000 pages. Wish I could do this every weekend! 🙂


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