Hour 23 – Final Stretch

Hey! Nikkie here again from Stars Books & Tea! We are in the final hour! Can you believe it? Did you do everything you were hoping to do? Remember that reading is reading! It doesn’t matter if you read a paragraph or fifty books. However, if you read 50 books in a day, I want our secret. Just saying! Do you have any tips or suggestions that you’d like to give to people just starting out readathons? 

Bonus Question: If you had the opportunity and unlimited funds, what is one book or series you’d love to see adapted to movie or television show? How would you do it?

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1 thought on “Hour 23 – Final Stretch”

  1. I finally finished that anthology I have been reading since July and I found a good horror audiobook, prompted by needing something portable. So that was a good outcome of the readathon. In terms of quantity it wasn‘t more than my usual amount, as I had to deal with some real life things.

    Bonus question, screen adaptation: how about The Dragonriders of Pern? That could be fun, if it‘s well done. I am thinking GoT visuals…


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