Hour 22 – Readathon Mode

Hello and greetings from Finland! Cindarella here! Today is the day and I am really excited. I have been in a reading slump, they come and go. I can’t help it and envy people who can keep a routine of reading every day. Nonetheless I have been in a reading groove this year from time to time and I have finished 67 books so far. Yay! It is the most I have ever read in a year. Last year I finished 41 books. Everyone has their goals for reading and I used to not have one, then decided to try to read my age in books and last year I turned 40, so I exceeded my expectations last year. Audiobooks have helped me a lot. Sometimes when I am in a slump I reread old favorites. I am currently rereading several of my favorite series.  

My TBR for this readathon is not set, I will continue with books I am currently reading, including Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson and The girl with the dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson. The girl with the dragon tattoo is a reread and I’m reading it in Swedish, which is my native tongue. I love Swedish crime and horror books, I own a lot of them but I haven’t yet read them all. 

The things I do when preparing for Dewey’s readathon are: I bring out my pepsi, try to find the best spot to sit/lie and read in my home (I really like my new reading chair that was designed in Denmark) and just put on either one of my reading music lists from spotify or decide which audiobook to listen to. I often listen to my reading music lists on spotify, they include a lot of movie soundtrack music and other instrumental music. I really love music, I don’t do anything without listening to music lol. 

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1 thought on “Hour 22 – Readathon Mode”

  1. Greetings Finnish-Cinderella . 67 books in one year is quite an accomplishment .
    Congratulations on your accomplishment . Cheers ! with a glass of ice cold Pepsi
    I can only read 25 a year and still have a life . The Readathons are a big boost to
    helping me complete my yearly challenge . Glad I stumbled on them .
    One of the goodreads fantasy/science fiction authors that I have in my stacks is , Zachary Thomas Dodson . He lives in Helsinki , I think . Have you heard of him ?
    He wrote BATS OF THE REPUBLIC in 2015 .
    Thanks for moderating hour 22 . I’m a HARRY POTTER fan too .
    Adios from New Mexico , USA


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