2021 Readathon Year Wrap-up

Huge thanks to all our behind-the-scenes team who made our readathons happen this year. The Spring 2021 readathon was fantastic, and I loved the board game pre-readathon challenge- pure genius. Our Reverse Readathon was a true adventure for me, since we were cobbling together a new administrative team, under my rather novice leadership. We gained a few new cool ideas from that readathon too, especially the super-cool participants map(look for it on Facebook in our Announcements section). By this recent Fall readathon we’ve started to sort out a system that doesn’t put too much work on any one person in out behind-the-scenes crew, and hopefully we can take what we’ve gained from this year and spin up an even better event for our next readathon, in Spring 2021.

Did you enjoy your Dewey’s readathon experiences this year? Will you be participating in any other readathons in 2012?

If you haven’t yet, be sure to wrap up your Fall 2021 readathon log on your social media, add your finished books to the database, and add your relevant books to the various challenges on our Goodreads site. I’ll still be around, tidying up Goodreads, maintaining the parts of our Goodreads and Facebook that stay active between events, and playing with making our Tumblr more active, but simce I probably won’t ‘see’ most of our participants again much before next spring, thanks to all of our reading community for making such great reading events possible.

Jamie B, Dewey’s Readathon cohost.

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3 thoughts on “2021 Readathon Year Wrap-up”

  1. Thanks Jamie! Wish a migraine hadn’t killed my ‘thon after only 8 hours but alas, it did. At least I read 2 books. Looking forward to spring!


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