October 2021, readathon

Hour 9 – An Intro to The StoryGraph

Welcome to hour 9 ‘lil book babies! My name is Steph and I’m a writer, journalist, and editor who loves to gobble up books in my spare time. Twitter is my main home on the Internet, feel free to say hi (I’m @steph_coelho over there). I’ve been doing this readathon for a longgggggg time and I love it so much that I usually make it a point to schedule nothing on a readathon weekend. It’s a sacred event for me! If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a reading goal for the year. Maybe it’s just in your mind or maybe you’re a list and spreadsheet maker who writes and plans it all. Personally, I need an extra boost of motivation sometimes and tracking helps me stay focused. giphy I used to use Goodreads to track my yearly reading goal. This year, though, I switched over to The StoryGraph and put GR behind me for good. I wanted to introduce you all to the website and app because it’s independently owned and created and has the cozy vibes that GR used to have back in the day. It’s also got a slew of really neat features. And new ones are coming out all the time. Some cool things include:
  • the ability to discover books by mood
  • personal recs (they’re way better than GR’s)
  • tracking with stats and pie charts (so you can see how many LGBTQIA+ books you read, for example)
  • reading challenge tracking (yay!)
  • the ability to custom tag books
  • content warnings (you can also add them yourself when reviewing a book)
The friending feature is still in the works but you can find my profile over here. If this sounds cool, I encourage you to sign up! The platform is free to use and it’s a great way to keep track of your readathon progress šŸ™‚ Do you track your reading? What’s your favorite way to keep tabs on your book collection or reading progress? Do you have any pics of a cool reading journal? Post them to Instagram with the hashtag #readathontracking Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here! Cheer your fellow readers! Join our Goodreads or Facebook or Reddit groups! Watch for posts and stories on our Instagram! Tag your posts with #Readathon on all your social channels 

6 thoughts on “Hour 9 – An Intro to The StoryGraph”

      1. Yes, I saw those. They are pretty neat. Maybe I will start running StoryGraph parallel to GR to see if I might like it, at least for the stats. I really donā€˜t want to loose my group. GR is just beta testing some horrible improvements on the books pages, so who knows. One of these days they will ā€žimproveā€œ the site beyond enduranceā€¦

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