October 2021, readathon

Hour 8 – Halloween

Welcome to hour 8! This is my final hour with you all! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! We are a week away from Halloween! Are you excited? I try my best to read as much spooky and horrifying books during this month. Does anybody else do this as well? Have any spooky books on your TBR list for this readathon? Please do feel free to share!

Back to reading! I’ll be listening to audiobook while hanging out on Twitter if you’d like to join me! It’s been really fun. Please feel free to follow me. All my links are right here. Thank you for joining me!

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5 thoughts on “Hour 8 – Halloween”

  1. The closest things I get to spooky is cozy mysteries. I avoid thrillers and horror books. I do read some fantasy and paranormal ones that can be considered a little spooky. However, for the season, I have been listening to a few different types and some repeats.

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