October 2021, readathon

Hour 7 – Reading Buddies!

We are back for hour 7!!!!! Who’s excited?! Now’s the time to talk about our reading buddies! Here’s mine!!!! His name is Quil. He loves reading with mommy as long as mommy isn’t reading out loud. He LOVES listening to audiobooks as long as there’s no not safe for work or work material or scary parts! He will promptly leave the room until the scene is done. The weird thing is he loves the Sword of Truth series! He listens actively to the story. For those of you who read the series, you get why this miffs me. I’d love to see your reading buddies!

Let’s get back to reading!!!!! I’ll be listening to audiobook while hanging out on Twitter! Come join me!

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2 thoughts on “Hour 7 – Reading Buddies!”

  1. My reading buddy has been my recliner and my plants. They listen to my audiobooks with me as I do dishes and laundry or play games. Plus I have the wonderful opportunity to text someone far away that is doing the readathon too.

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