October 2021, readathon

Hour 3- Let’s Talk About#TBRs!

Hi everyone! Kait here from Kait Plus Books. I’ll be here with you for the next few hours, so grab your books and let’s get started!

I love making #tbrs. I’m horrible at actually sticking to them, but I love the excitement and anticipation I feel putting them together. What books do I want to read next? If I read three fantasy books in a row, will I want to read even more when I’m finished, or do I need a genre switch?

Usually, I fill my Readathon #tbr up with a dozen or so graphic novels and novellas, but this time I only have one book on it. Granted, it’s a 517 page book, but still! I’m shocked I haven’t padded it with shorter reads!

How many books are on your Readathon #tbr? Are they long books or shorter ones? Are you good at sticking to them or do you wander away from them like I do? Let me know in the comments and happy reading!

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15 thoughts on “Hour 3- Let’s Talk About#TBRs!”

  1. I have 10 books on my TBR, all horror as my theme for this Readathon. I try to keep a variety of formats for when I need a change of pace so I have audiobooks, ebooks, graphic novels, novellas, and short story anthologies! I tend to stick to my TBR but always leave wiggle room.

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  2. I don’t have a TBR stack, I have a TBR bookcase. Fifty-five books I’ve purchased and haven’t read yet, plus 3 on the end table, 1 on the coffee table, several more by the bed, 3 on the couch next to me, and then there are library books. And I don’t even feel guilty. Life is all about the options.

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  3. Dito, I have a TBR bookcase, real and virtual. Not too bad though, I‘ve been chipping away at it steadily over the past few years and I am very hesitant to add books to it that I don‘t plan to read right away. For readathons I simple continue reading what I have have on the go anyway and just pick up what was planned next. I tend to mix up genres and lengths, from specfic poetry, shorts, novellas to the odd chunkster. Right now it‘s an anthology of specfic short stories by BIPOC authors and a 300-page horror novel with vampires.

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