Hour 16 – Inside Out

Hey readers,

Flavia here. You can find me over on twitter (and most places) @flaviaaalouise.

I hope you’re doing well. Are you still awake or have you taken a nap?

I will probably have had a good few hours of sleep by now since I actually have to defend my Bachelors thesis on Monday. (Anybody remember how I wrote that during the last round?)

Whichever way you have spend the last 15 hours…. It’s been a while.

How are you feeling? Remember to hydrate and eat. Have you gotten up in the last few hours? Moved your body a little bit?

I encourage you to check in with your body but also your surroundings? Is there still a cup of tea steeping you have forgotten about? What is happening outside? (Most likely darkness I guess)

Maybe open a window and breathe in some fresh air. If it’s an appropriate time wherever you are maybe even go outside. Another typ for when you are feeling the many hours in your bones is taking a shower. (Of course only if it’s possible without disturbing other people.)

I wish you a good hour and happy reading. ❤

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3 thoughts on “Hour 16 – Inside Out”

  1. It is dark here now, so I won’t be doing anymore outside activities for the rest of the readathon. However, I’m feeling pretty good so far. I have consumed a lot of water and am currently drinking some EmergenC just to add a bit of Vitamin C. I might stretch for a few minutes just so i keep my body moving a bit.

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