October 2021, readathon

Hour 14 – Get up and Stretch

The past couple of years I’ve really been experiencing the importance of regular physical activity (i.e. I’m old!). This Readathon I’ve got a bunch of stretches from physical and occupational therapy to regularly work through to make sure I don’t cramp up mid-‘thon.

Crazy Night Time Leg Cramps with Hepatitis C – I Help C

Yeah, I know, sitting around for 24 hours just reading sounds like a dream! But reality does still have a say in these things. So take this opportunity to get up, walk around, stretch, whatever you need to remind your circulation system to keep going strong.

Jokes Yoga-na Love - GoComics

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2 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Get up and Stretch”

  1. I’m on PST and I usually get most of my reading done on each end of the readathon, so I woke up at 5, took a nap after some reading, did some internetting, took some walks, and now I’m settling in to do some more reading. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the end, but I’ll try.


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