October 2021, readathon

Hour 13 – Non-Book Hobbies

Do you have non-bookish hobbies that you incorporate into your readathon plans? I love to crochet, so when I assemble my TBR and snacks for a readathon I also choose a project or two to work on during audiobooks. If I manage to complete all 24 hours of the readathon, which I have done for the past couple years, I usually spend about 5-6 of those hours on audiobooks, sometimes more. In that much time I can finish several hats, or a scarf, or even a basic shawl. Realistically, I am also doing admin stuff and social media for some of that time while listening to my books, but it’s still a great opportunity to get some serious stitching done. Eventually the cats get annoyed at my not going to bed and they wander off to sleep without me, and I can actually finish an hour of crocheting without even once having to take a ball of yarn away from one of my furry helpers. I have been getting into cooking a bit, too, lately, so I also picked up ingredients to make a quiche and some baked Brussels sprouts, and in an hour or so I might make some healthy food while enjoying my audiobook. I could see this becoming a habit too, picking a recipe or two to try during the readathon. After all, while you are waiting for the oven timer to ring, that’s a great time for a short reading sprint. Mid Event Survey Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here! Cheer your fellow readers! Join our Goodreads or Facebook or Reddit groups! Watch for posts and stories on our Instagram! Tag your posts with #Readathon on all your social channels 

4 thoughts on “Hour 13 – Non-Book Hobbies”

  1. I’m newish to audiobooks, and slow to really incorporate them as part of how I read. My attention tends to wander more with audiobooks (podcasts, NPR), so I click the rewind arrow. a LOT. Sometimes I can get some knitting done.


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