October 2021, readathon

Hour 11 – Simultaneous Reads

My little literary cuties! You’ve reached hour 11. Almost to halfway! A reintroduction for those who missed last hour’s post: My name is Steph and I’m a writer, journalist, and editor who loves to gobble up books in my spare time. Twitter is my main home on the Internet, feel free to say hi (I’m @steph_coelho over there). I always used to think that people who read multiple books at once were on another level of consciousness. How!? giphy-1 But when I started to get serious about meeting some ambitious yearly reading goals I needed to up my game. In my humble opinion, the readathon is a perfect time to flip between different books—especially if you plan to read for the full 24 hours. Switching things up keeps you from getting bored. giphy-2 Here are a few simultaneous reading strategies for ya:
  • Mix up forms. Reading an ebook, audiobook, and paperback is a lot easier than trying to juggle three different mass markets. When you’re doing chores and can’t hold a physical book or e-reader, switch to the audiobook. And when you get tired of holding that heavy hardcover? It’s time to go digital.
  • Mix up genres. If you try to switch between 3 different mystery books, you’re going to end up being really confused. I find reading a non-fiction book, fiction novel, and short story collection is the perfect combo.
  • DNF (did not finish). The beauty of juggling multiple books at once is that you’ll quickly notice if you’re picking one up less than the others. And if you decide to DNF, you’re already into a few other reads. I’ve gotten way more comfy with the idea of DNF-ing recently and it means I end up spending more time on books I want to read.
So, do any of you lovely readers read different book simultaneously? Tell me your tips and tricks for doing so! Share your prefs and habits in the comments. It might just help another reader broaden their horizons! Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here! Cheer your fellow readers! Join our Goodreads or Facebook or Reddit groups! Watch for posts and stories on our Instagram! Tag your posts with #Readathon on all your social channels 

5 thoughts on “Hour 11 – Simultaneous Reads”

  1. I am normally reading at least 3 books at the same time but in different formats (1 audiobook, 1 ebook and 1 physical book). Also, one of those is probably a nonfiction. I can’t have all the books the same genre, or it gets confusing. Haven’t been able to truly embrace the idea of DNF. I wish I could but I always feel the need to finish what I started.

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  2. Juggling multiple books at once has been something I’ve learned over time though sometimes I’m reading a lot of books because of it. I usually have a physical book, ebook and audiobook going which has been a big help in reaching my books read in a year goal.
    My suggestion is to take things slowly and work your way up to reading multiple books if you want. If you’re not comfortable, read in the way that works for you.


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