October 2021, readathon

Hour 10 – Reading Weather

Hey there, book babes! It’s hour 10 and you’re freaking rocking it. A reintroduction for those who missed last hour’s post: My name is Steph and I’m a writer, journalist, and editor who loves to gobble up books in my spare time. Twitter is my main home on the Internet, feel free to say hi (I’m @steph_coelho over there). When I find out the date of the October readathon, I immediately cancel anything already on my calendar. If I was a big wig CEO I’d be shouting “cancel all my meetings!” the minute the date gets posted. giphy Instead, I just check my agenda, realize I was never busy in the first place and continue to remind everyone around me that the readathon is coming up and not to bother me. Why does the October event mean so much to me? It’s because I strongly believe that fall is the ultimate season for reading. The cool weather, snuggly blankets, comfy sweaters. Fall vibes put me on another level mentally speaking. In the summer, I generally feel irritable and melancholy (having depression doesn’t help, obvi) but by the time fall (and winter) roll around, I have a little bit of a spring in my step. It helps that I love everything spooky, too. 200w When the leaves start to drop from trees and the days get shorter, it sparks something in me and I read more voraciously than before. What about you, dear reader? What’s your favorite reading season? (If you say summer, you’re wrong, but I forgive you ;)) Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here! Cheer your fellow readers! Join our Goodreads or Facebook or Reddit groups! Watch for posts and stories on our Instagram! Tag your posts with #Readathon on all your social channels 

7 thoughts on “Hour 10 – Reading Weather”

  1. When you grow up in Wisconsin, Fall doesn’t have the same feel. The Fall colors are great, but Fall means you are about to enter winter for like 8 months, and you think you will never be warm again. I left Wisconsin in search of the eternal summer. Sorry…but that is my favorite season. Reading on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.

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