Reverse Read-A-Thon: How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

Hello Reader and Happy Reverse Read-A-Thon day! It’s me, Mr Geek (from http://www.TreatYoShelf.blo g & @ItMrGeekToYou on Twitter) and I’m here to cheer you on in this read-a-thon and give you some tips to help you bust free from the reading slump that has been holding you back. Earlier this year, I experienced once of my worst reading slumps of all time. I read several very meh books, back-to-back-to-back-to-back and just wasn’t interested in reading. Hopefully these tips can help you get yourself back and track and smash that reading slump. So….

1) Don’t be afraid to abandon a book you aren’t enjoying! This is definitely a “Do as I say, not as I do” tactic. Personally, I have the HARDEST time DNF’ing a book or just putting it down to read something else. I think this was a big contributing factor to my slump earlier this year. You can always go back to your current read some other time when you might be in the mood for that particular story.

2) Switch up your format! If you’re struggling to get through a book, consider getting the audiobook version from the Library, Scribd, Audible or your favorite audiobook service. I’ve found that if I’m struggle to get through a book, listen can really help push me along. I love to read on my Kindle and listen to the audiobook – I usually opt for audiobooks when I’m going for a walk (since my mind can’t really wander to other things). 

3) Try out a new genre! I’ve found this one to be extremely effective for me. I typically read a lot of YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Murder Mysteries / Thrillers / Suspense books. If I’ve been reading a lot of Fantasy or YA, I might flip to a Thriller. Sometimes I even go rogue and branch out into something that I don’t read often, like Literary Fiction or Contemporary. Every genre has a unique writing style. By switching up the type of book you’re reading, you’re automatically getting a different feel, plus the plot will be different than what you are used to. 

4) Consider re-reading a favorite! I had a mild reading slump a few years ago and decided I was going to pick up the first few Harry Potter books. Returning to that world and revisiting some of my favorite characters rekindled my love for reading and definitely got me back on track. 

5) Seek out a new book by one of your favorite authors! I have a few authors that I will auto-buy any book they put out because I just love their writing style and stories (I’m looking at you V.E. Schwab and Christopher Moore). Their novels are always well written, enjoyable and a nice escape from reality. 

Well there you have it, a few of my personal reading tips to help you break free from your reading slump. I hope everyone has a great day full of lots of books and pages! I’ll be reading my ARC of T.J. Klune’s upcoming book, Under The Whispering Door. I’m about 30% in so far and it has been solid. Very different from House In The Cerulean Sea but enjoyable nevertheless! If you’re interested in more thoughts, be sure to stop over at www.TreatYoShelf.blog for my full review later this month and follow allow on Twitter @ItsMrGeekToYou.  

Until We Meet Again,
Mr Geek

1 thought on “Reverse Read-A-Thon: How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump”

  1. I was on a discord where for a while one person would read aloud to the others at a set time. That helped pull me out of a reading slump. It more personal even than an audiobook.


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