August 2021, Reverse Readathon

Hour 23 – The Home Stretch

The 2021 Reverse Readathon is almost over. Did your readathon plans work out as expected?

I started, as always, with a large TBR stack, far more books than could ever fit into a weekend, maybe not even a week. I finished a few books, including some I had particularly hoped to finish, and made progress in several more. The books I didn’t finish will simply roll over into my TBR for August, and for other reading events coming up. I am also one of the admins for a much smaller readathon that happens monthly, and that one is next weekend, so I’ll definitely finish more books from my stacks soon.

What will you do when the readathon is over? Here are some of the things on my To Do list:

  • Sleep
  • Stretch
  • Pet the cats
  • Clean litter boxes, wash dishes, etc. (aka all the chores I postponed while reading)
  • Log all my finished books in the Dewey’s Completed Books database (see link at the end of this post)
  • More sleep
  • Pet the cats
  • Wrap up my readathon log on Goodreads.
  • Read some more
  • Start planning for our next readathon, which will be in the standard 24hr format, in October
  • Stretch
  • Finish assembling a granny square blanket
  • Pet the cats
  • Read more books

What will you be doing after the readathon?

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2 thoughts on “Hour 23 – The Home Stretch”

  1. 8:01pm sleep. I’m cooked. I did stay up for the whole readathon which is the first time everrrrr!!! But I’m so tired. lol.


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