August 2021, Reverse Readathon

Hour 21 – Food for the Reading Brain (literally and figuratively)

My name is Flavia and I am a reader all the way in Germany.
I’ve been participating in Dewey’s since 2016 but this is actually my first Reverse Readathon.

Dewey’s is usually a chance for me to go all out on reading. (Sadly not this time around as I’m working on my Bachelor’s thesis and have an early train to catch tomorrow.)
And I get VERY ambitious about it.

I don’t think I’ve ever managed to stay awake for the entire 24 hours. But I’ve read a good 1000 pages or more most times (like 8 books) in the hours that I was awake.

And there’s a few things that really help that I would put into 2 categories:
1. What to read?
2. Fooooooood

Now I’m not the first person to suggest this but switching up your format can help you read A LOT more. While some people can absolutely take the weekend just to read which is amazing. Sometimes there is other stuff to get done. So if you can, take advantage of the glorious world that is audiobooks. And since I love free stuff, just letting you know here that there are free ones on Spotify. My favorites include: George, You Should See Me In A Crown and A Princess In Theory.
Another great readathon tool are graphic novels. Which I know can get pricey. But checking your local library’s (digital) collection is always worth a shot.

Now food!
To eat or not to eat while reading is muy, muy controversial. I know, I know. And to be honest I don’t usually eat while reading but during Dewey’s it sometimes just has to happen. My two favorite book safe foods are grapes and Cheerios.

Generally speaking I think it’s essential to have easy and quick things at hand. Being overly full makes you (or at least me) tired, so consider more small meals instead of a few big ones.
Also this is the day to have the snacks you want all for yourself :D. But I mean in the end just do what feels good to you…

So tell me:
Do you eat while reading?
What are your favorite snacks?
What formats do you read in?
(also if you are hungry and haven’t moved in hours consider my little bake and stretch challenge from a past Dewey’s)

I hope your readathon is going well and you have an awesome day no matter how much reading you get done. You can find on social media under the username flaviaaalouise.

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2 thoughts on “Hour 21 – Food for the Reading Brain (literally and figuratively)”

  1. I don’t discriminate, I utilize all formats to read as much as possible! They all come in handy. I definitely read at mealtimes. lol. Peanut M&Ms are a Dewey’s tradition for me! I added you on IG @winesaboutbooks


  2. I am not much of a snack person. But I read during my meals. So there is that! I read in all formats. I currently have two audiobooks going, one comic on the kindle app on my iPad, an ebook on my Kindle Paperwhite and an actual dead-tree book. I don‘t read many of those anymore.

    PS: I‘m in Germany as well.


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