August 2021, Reverse Readathon

Hour 11 – Hobbies in Books

My biggest non-bookish hobbies are crochet and kitten rescue. And if you came to my house and looked at my books, you could probably guess at least the cat part by my books. I have a lot of the Cat Who mysteries, of course, by Lillian Jackson Braun, but I also pick up random other murder mysteries with cats on the cover or in the title, whenever they show up in Little Free Libraries or library free-books shelves. Any time a bookish game has a ‘read a book with an animal/cat on the cover’, I have plenty to choose from. I even had one murder mystery set at a cat rescue, though I gave that one away to a friend last year.

Crochet is a bit harder, for some reason. I have pattern books, of course, but I have not yet found good murder mysteries with a crochet theme. Knit, yes. Crochet, no. Every once in a while though crochet is mentioned in a book I am reading. One of the women picked up for breaking curfew in Night Watch(Terry Pratchett) is a seamstress who also does crochet, and I am pretty sure one of the inspector’s wives in one of the series I was reading earlier this year does crochet. And while Miss Marple does more knitting, I always enjoy the scenes where she is shopping for more yarn (‘wool’) while also gathering clues, or when she has someone holding hanks for her while she winds them.

What are your hobbies? Do you have books that feature them? Do you know of any good murder mysteries featuring a crochet theme?

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6 thoughts on “Hour 11 – Hobbies in Books”

  1. I started sourdough baking during the first lockdown. And yes, I have read some cozy mysteries and romances involving sourdough. No crochet though, sorry. I recently came across knitting vampires though…

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  2. Have you read The Magical Cats mysteries? I haven’t tried to differentiate knitting and crochet in my cosy mysteries, but I will start to keep an eye out now.

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  3. I think we may be spirit twins! I also am a lover of all things crochet (though I do know how to knit – just not very well.) And cat rescue, which I fell into about 8 years ago completely by accident. All of my own cats are rescues, including one fat and happy but still very shy former feral who adopted me about 5 and a half years ago. I focus more on the “problem” children in cat rescue – the ones who have personality or health struggles that make them less desirable to potential adopters.

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    1. I also technically know how to knit, but it has been a while and I always have to watch youtube videos to relearn how to cast on when I try to renew my knitting skills. I only have the right space to rescue kittens, but somehow I have increased my family to include several kittens who were more shy or a bit wonky. Finding adopters is proving trickier this season since there are so many available kittens, more than most years in my area, but hopefully all my kittens this year will find homes before I get too attached. 🙂


  4. What a coincidence, there were several mentions of crocheting in the YA fantasy book I just finished, A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik. The protagonist doesn’t like doing it, but it’s super useful for generating mana/magical energy.


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