August 2021 – Reverse Readathon Sign Ups!

Hello and Welcome! The August 2021 Reverse Readathon is at hand! And it’s THIS. WEEKEND!

So quick, tell us, can you read with us? We’re so sorry for the late notice, but, things have been a bit crazy around here. We honestly expect NO ONE to hang out with us the full 24 hours. Who are we kidding? We won’t hang out with us the whole 24 hours! Yet, can you read for an hour? Two? If so, join us! Sign up! Meet us here! Meet us on Twitter! Meet us on Instagram! And guzzle what few or many pages you can with us, this weekend. August 6th 8pm EST to 8pm on the 7th. There is a handy-dandy page right here (<-updated link) to tell you what time that is where you are.

And if you can do anything to help out, please hit us up by DMing us on Twitter or emailing at deweyreadathon @ gmail.com. We can’t wait to read with you this weekend!

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