April 2021, readathon

Hour 22 – You’re Almost There! – Rachel Noel

Holy wah, it’s Hour 22! Look at how far you’ve made it! Whether you’ve been awake and reading this whole time, took some naps, or kept your sleep schedule, thank you for participating as much as you have!

If you find yourself needing some encouragement, let us know! We’re happy to help remind you to:

1) Drink water
2) Stretch your legs, walk around a bit
3) Put down a book if you’re not enjoying it
4) Eat some food
5) Pick up another book
6) If you can’t find another book you want to read, go ahead and buy another. You deserve it.*

no regrets book shopping meme image

*Read-A-Thon is not responsible for you spending your entire paycheck on books. No matter how much fun book shopping is.

I really hope you’ve had fun these past 24 hours and I’m looking forward to seeing you all next time. We’re almost to the finish line! Just remember:

I believe in you Memes


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Twitter Party – Hosted by Nicole

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