Hi All – it’s me again, Shawn (aka Mr Geek from www.TreatYoShelf.blog). I’ve read a nice chunk of Survive The Night by Riley Sager and am really loving it. For those of you who didn’t see my earlier posts, I received an ARC of this book and am dedicating this read-a-thon to that novel! I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m anxious to see where it’s going! By sure to follow my blog or Twitter (@ItsMrGeekToYou) for more updates and to talk about books (socializing about books is one of my favorite things)!

Up until a couple of years ago, I never really cared for audiobooks. I commuted to college and had about a 30 minute drive to and from campus. One year I decided to give audiobooks a try and it was an EPIC failure. I found myself either being so focused on the story that I would miss my turns or I’d be so focused on driving that I completely missed what was happening in the story! At that point, I firmly decided that audiobooks weren’t for me. Fast forward to years later. I decided to give audiobooks one more try and I am thrilled that I did! I’ve started to listen to books whenever I walk on the nearby outdoor trail or on the treadmill. I found that when I don’t have a lot of thinking to do, I can focus on the story and really enjoy it! In some cases, I both read the physical listen to the audiobook – this is my favorite reading experience because I’m able to make a ton of progress!

I’ve always been a big reader with an embarrassingly large reading collection! After I graduated college, I took a sales / project management position right out of school. I worked for a small company and the owner would give personalized sales bonuses / incentives each month. My particular incentive one month was to close 6 new clients and I’d win an Amazon Kindle 2 (I just dated myself and I hate it). It was literally the last business day of the month and I had signed 5 new clients. I ran out for lunch and while I was gone, my 6th contract came in! I was thrilled! The Owner of the company promptly placed an order for my Kindle and I had it the following week. This was my first step into eBooks and I haven’t looked back. While there is something special about holding a book and flipping the pages, I absolutely LOVE eBooks. The easy storage, the conveniences and the portability just can’t be beat! I’ve had many, many Kindle eReaders since that original purchase and I love that the newer models have lights built in. It makes reading at night or in less than ideal conditions so much easier. I also love that I’m able to seamlessly transition between devices and never lose my spot. If I’m out waiting somewhere unexpectedly, I can used the Kindle app on my phone and pick up at the same spot on my Oasis whenever I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I still own and read a fair amount of physical books (whenever I can get a really good deal) but I’ve definitely started to prefer eBooks over physical (and don’t even mind spending a little more for them because of the convenience).

So that leads me to my questions for you: Are you an audiobook reader? Do you own an eReader? Or do you prefer physical books? There are some many fantastic options and honestly, there’s no right answer! As you can tell, I love all 3 formats! I’m definitely planning to partake in at least 2 formats today. Survive The Night is on my Kindle and when I go for a walk later, I’ll probably listen to a chapter of Mistborn (which I’m also REALLY enjoying). This is my first Sanderson book and I’m absolutely loving it! Well that’s all for me – thanks for hanging out and I hope you have a very successful rest of your reading day!

Until We Meet Again,
Mr Geek


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13 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Physical books, eBooks and Audiobooks, oh my!

  1. I prefer physical books. But my e-reader is always with me when I travel. It is very handy as it does not take a lot of space and you don’t have to worry that you will run out of books.


    1. I also love physical books (particularly collector’s or special editions)! You really can’t beat the convenience factor of eBooks though (and the storage)!

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  2. I am almost exclusively an audiobook person. I listen to the books on 1.75-2 times speed. I am a naturally slow reader so this method helps me get a lot more reading in. I am also a crafter (cross stitch, knitting, crochet, and quilting) and so this allows me to do two of my favorite hobbies at one time.

    On a different note, Brandon Sanderson is one of my all time favorite authors. I loved the Mistborn series. However, The Stormlight Archive is better, in my opinion. Once you’re done with the Mistborn series, I definitely recommend checking out The Way of Kings.



    1. That’s my stance as well! I love to read wherever I can! Dual reading / listening is the best to help whip through a book!


  3. I used to only read physical books until this past year, when I started audiobooks. I’m not good with fiction audiobooks (I get distracted) but I love them for nonfiction reads. I spend too much time on a computer for work to like e-readers, but I can see how handy they are.


  4. I love all formats. In the past 2 years I read about 50% digitally, 30% audiobooks and 20% physical books. But since I am super busy this year I’m at over 50% audiobooks thus far this year. Which I feel weirdly guilty for…


  5. I use all formats, but audio is my least favorite. After the pandemic and reading only ebooks (which I like) I’ve really missed reading a physical book. I just like the feeling and being able to see how far into the book I am.


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