April 2021, readathon

Hour 20 – Move your bo(o)d(t)y

We have been reading for 20 hours. Well most of us probably haven’t actually been reading for that long straight. But if you have, ALL the power to you. I will probably have slept at least 5 hours because I don’t think messing up my sleep schedule completely is a reasonable idea for me. How about you? Did you sleep? Are you planning to?

But back to the reading for 20 hours… I know there have already been some posts on moving. Walks, dance parties etc.

What I (would) like to focus on is some stretching. I might even do a little live session over on Twitter. We’ll see. But let’s also do it on here. I am recycling my mini challenge from the last round of Dewey’s.

This challenge is called bake and stretch. So we'll be making a mug brownie and stretching our bodies a bit.

As for the ingredients I think most people will have these things at home. If not, feel free to just get a snack and stretch with us. If stretching isn’t your cup of tea, also totally fine. We’ll need flour, sugar, cocoa, water, oil and vanilla.

step 1: Add 4 tsp flour to your microwave-safe cup

stretch 1: alternately raise your hands over your head and stretch your sides

step 2: Add 4 tsp. sugar

stretch 2: try to touch your toes. Don't worry if you can't reach them, I can't either most of the times.

step 3: Add 2 tsp. cocoa

stretch 3: stretch your hips from side to side

step 4: add 2 tsp water and 2 tsp oil

stretch 4: cross your fingers behind your back and raise your hands

step 5: add 1/4 tsp. vanilla and mix
microwave for 30 seconds

repeat your favorite stretch

And we're done. Have a great hour reading on. 🙂


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