April 2021, readathon

Hour 16 – Keep up the reading we can do this!!! Bernadette !!! Jump and exercise your mind!!

This is Bernadette again

I’m also the host next hour!! I been participating in the Dewey 24 hr Readathon for like Eight years and volunteering in the Readathon for three years

This the day I want to see pictures of the books your reading

It’s amazing that we come together and read as a whole community and be as one.

If y’all want to do my challenge on Twitter go to http://www.twitter.com\Bernadette1985

Do y’all readers mediate? Or keep focus?

Exercise is good for your mind health?

Keep on reading 📖


I’m currently reading A serial killer Daughter

Bookish Brain Break hosted by Amanda on the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Facebook Page

Twitter Party – Hosted by Whitney

Enter your finished books into the DATABASE here!

Check out the Bingo Board!

Cheer your fellow readers!

Join our Goodreads or Facebook or Reddit groups!

Watch for posts and stories on our Instagram!

Tag your posts with #Readathon on all your social channels

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