Today’s warm up post is a bit different today… we have it in video format! Thank you so much, Jennifer, for making this video and sharing your thoughts with us! If you’re into BookTube, consider subscribing to her channel!

7 thoughts on “D.N.F Why “do not finish” Is Always Okay, with Dewey’s Readathon

  1. The older I get the easier it is for me to DNF. There are far too many good books out there to discover to be miserable trying to finish the one you are reading! Yes, it’s possible the book *could* get better but most-likely, it will not. DNF FTW!


  2. Instead of not understanding how someone can DNF a book, I’m always amazed that people keep on with a book that makes them miserable. Do not forget that libraries, at least in the USA, have Interlibrary Loan. Some must charge a fee for it, all do not. They borrow it for you from another library. Remember too, that libraries pay a FORTUNE for the 99 cent Kindle book–try the sample first with e-books and e-audio. Even if you hate Amazon, use it if your library does not offer previews. They pay whether you read one page or the whole book.


      1. E-audio, yes. The contracts are extortionate for libraries. As bad as those for scientific journals. Never does a library get a 99 cent e-book. And they only get to “own” them for X-number of checkouts.


      2. I feel like this is something that more people should be made aware of and I am now going to be more contentious about making sure I have the time for the books I check out.


  3. I’m one of the completionists that HAVE to read the entire book. I agree with Mr. Geek, I’ll keep chipping away at books until they are done. I have a “graveyard shelf” where my books go to “die” and if lucky as a necromancer I will resurrect it. I would rather DNF a series. Like read the first book and quit while I’m ahead. The only books I’ve DNF’d are high fantasy. Some books are just too overwhelming.


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