April 2021, readathon

The anticipation

Raise your hand if you go right to your calendar post readathon to add the next one? 


It’s an event I anticipate for a few reasons: connecting with my inner booknerd and the larger bookish community; attacking my perpetual TBR; and the enjoyment of planning and preparing snacks, drinks, and treats. 

And I got to thinking about other events and activities we anticipate. Of course there are the life events, upcoming trips, marriages (or a finalized divorce), babies, birthdays, job changes and promotions, and the like. What goes into the anticipation? Certainly nervous energy and excitement with a touch of fear. 

I feel that even for a readathon– will I end up having to do something that would prevent more reading time? Will the food taste delicious? Will I get a blackout BINGO board? 

But what about the smaller, less buzzier things we anticipate? Please share and connect around these items be it your plans for the readathon, a book release, or something more personal. 


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