Dewey’s 24 hour Survival Kit

I think part of the fun of Dewey’s 24 hour readathon is the prepping for the readathon.  As a Dewey’s pro I thought I would share with you what I recommend you put in your Dewey’s Survival Kit.

Your TBR Stack.
This really depends on your style it can be a lot of short books, a long book you want to make some headway on, or a mix a books your want to work though. I personally love getting a new book or two from the library or bookstore.  Right now my library only allows us to pick up holds so how’s the time to reserve those books!

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks
The day or two before the readathon I like to go to the store and pick up some treats.  I’m a southern girl so in the spring I love having lemonade and sweet ice tea. Also I highly recommend picking out your cute mugs or cups and having those clean and ready to go (for those twitter or instagram pictures

I like keeping things simple on the day of the readathon so I’ll stick to things I’ve made beforehand or even simple meals such as sandwiches. I have also ordered pizza one year and that is always a fun treat.

All of the Snacks
I like to have a frozen treat on hand for the April readathon.  Right now I’m loving lime fruit pops. I like having fruit and veggies with humus on hand.  Also a must is some sort of salty snack such as cheese and crackers.

Reading Spot
Get your reading spots ready.  I’m loving reading on my patio right now so part of getting it reading ready is making sure I have a citronella candle ready so I can read at night without being eaten alive.

Treat Yourself
Find some way to pamper yourself.  Whether that’s reading in the bath, using a face mask, or going and getting yourself a fancy coffee find some way to relax.

Way to track your reading.
I will either journey my reading in a vlog or on instagram stories but I’ve also used a plain post it note in the past to keep track of the total number of pages I’ve read and which hours I have finished a book.

Hang out with all your fellow readers on social media throughout the readathon.
You don’t have to pick all platforms but I find instagram and twitter are both popping every year.  #readathon

I hope you all have a fantastic readathon.  You can find me on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jD44dYQNMVTWDJkEsrejw and instagram and twitter @ElizabethGReads.

4 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24 hour Survival Kit”

  1. Great survival kit! Cheese and crackers is a great snack and one I have not had in forever. Chocolate or cookies are my guilty pleasure but I usually just eat what I always do, healthy food, but it is nice to have a treat.

    I did the first pre readathon post this year. I always blog about the books I am going to listen to beforehand and this year I am going nostalgic this year, back to my teen years and my books are College Weekend (Sweet Valley High 118) and I’ll Be There for You: The One About Friends. I am usually always listening to a book as I am a NetGalley reviewer and all the books I have listened to this year are Advance Review Copies from there. I am looking forward to the readathon as I do every year and am also a seasoned readathonner. April is always pretty busy for me, with that and Camp NaNoWriMo.


  2. Watching your video from 2018 now as well.

    Snacks – be sure to include some caffeine and sugar if it’s your thing, but don’t overdo it so you don’t get the energy crash. It’s good to include water in between the other drinks, although I don’t always follow my own advice responsibly 🙂

    Great snacks I enjoy:
    Cheese and crackers
    Bagels with flavored cream cheese
    Fruits – like blueberries and strawberries, easy to grab
    Salads, fun to make up for lunches
    I order Hungry Howies Calzones for dinner most read-a-thons, but may do something different this year

    I may do some baking in preparation over the next week or so to keep it exciting. I’ve been wanting to try some new coffee cakes since I Have the mold but never use it.

    I always get twists with my daily latte coffee drinks, teas, waters, sodas.

    For food, it can be fun to find a coffeeshop to go read at, or a restaurant for lunch breakfast or dinner as a change of venue for reading spots and to keep it fresh, exciting, different, and something new to look forward to. This also includes reading outdoors with take-out and other food, of course.

    I like to plan new places to walk with audio, especially enjoy doing evening audiobook walks to get some exercise in.

    It’s fun to do a stretching or home exercise routine planned for your day as something to look forward to and keep the muscles and such running.

    I make sure to have headache pills in case of headaches, eye strain, or sore muscles. Bad day to be out of those if there are needed!


  3. Other things i like to plan:

    At home spa treatment day — Since I love reading in the bath, I like to do a spoil myself day with a book bath planned with face mask, or hair treatment, or both. Gives me another “stage” of reading to look forward to that day.

    It’s good to have the house mainly cleaned and such. Sometimes if I am working on a home improvement project, that’s a good break for audiobooks to do something done and keep the body moving.

    I usually take naps, and find it good to do them relatively early if possible.

    I like starting at 8 am when possible but am not a morning person or heavy morning reader, so I usually cut off hours at the beginning instead of the middle or end.


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