April 2021, readathon

Pre-Readathon Board Game Mini-Challenge

Hello Readathoners!

For this pre-readathon challenge we’ve created a fun board game! It is open to start playing right now until the start of Dewey’s on April 24th. You can play 1 of two ways…either by yourself or against other fellow readathoners.

If you want to play against others, find a couple book buddies (or post in the comments below that you’re looking for a book buddy) and then start your game. You can play on the Facebook Group or Goodreads or a blog or wherever else you all can agree on. You all start at the same time, updating when you finish a square and roll again. The first to cross the finish line is the winner!

If you are playing against yourself, you can either post your board and your progress (Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, blog. etc). When you finish, come back to this post and let us all know that you’ve completed. Then you can begin again, if you want, or maybe go back and try to complete as many squares as you can 🙂

The instructions to play are on the board game in the below. You can also find the game on the google drive.

I hope everyone enjoys playing! GOOD LUCK!

***Parents, if you feel any challenge prompt needs further adaption for your children, please feel free to do this. No need to check if a prompt is okay. You know your child and what will challenge them.


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